Fashion Creatives: Michel Gaubert & his puppet.

In our new fashion film, Petit Michel proves that he’s more than a puppet. He’s a real friend – and to some a real genius.
Photos: Shelby Duncan

A very stylish puppet assistant.

In fashion, no one bats an eye when cute lap dogs become stylish constant companions. In this scene, they are just as common as bizarre outfits. With this in mind, Parisian sound director Michel Gaubert decided to hire a puppet assistant, his very own “Petit Michel”.

Seeing the two of them together could make anyone jealous: Petit Michel not only has his taller doppelganger’s impeccable style and drive, but also peppers the conversation with a constant stream of flattering phrases. A stylish duo that draws the eye and everyone’s undivided attention.

Meeting up for a personal interview in LA.

Gaubert, who’s been putting his spin on the fashion industry for more than two decades, works for iconic brands like Raf Simons, Jonathan Anderson, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Céline, producing the soundtracks of their fashion shows. Together with Petit Michel he travels the world to find inspiration and set the stage for the world’s major fashion events.

On the eve of the new fashion season we meet the two for a personal interview in Los Angeles where they soak up a few rays, cruising down the streets of the Californian metropolis in style in a Mercedes-Benz 1970 280SEL before the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2016 heralds the exciting new fashion year 2016.

A true genius.

As part of our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Creatives series, this latest episode reveals just how their working relationship evolved into true friendship and how a misconceived saboteur can suddenly be considered a genius.

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