• Art curator Kimberly Drew.

    Fashion initiative #WeWonder with Kimberly Drew at SXSW 2018.

Fashion and design visionaries.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion #WeWonder initiative brings together seven of the world’s most innovative and inspiring fashion and design visionaries to imagine the potentiality of the future. A future in which Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a holistic approach under the EQ brand umbrella. This features the Concept EQ, presented as an integral part of everyday life. The first instalment of our six-part global series was hosted by Kimberly Drew exploring her chosen theme, “Equity” at SXSW.

Art curator Kimberly Drew.

The #WeWonder manifesto.

Kicking off a year of fashion and future led activations with our chosen seven #WeWonder visionaries, was Kimberly Drew. The commended curator, writer and activist explored her theme of “Equity” and started a global conversation in March at SXSW Festival.

The renowned event that interactively celebrates the film and music industries.

Fashion icon Kimberly Drew.

Kimberly Drew aka Museum Mammy.

Kimberly Drew made a name for herself on the art scene through her provocative curation and expressive journalism, which focused on the themes of identity, technology and art. Drew has shaken up the art world at the remarkable age of just 27. A true pioneer in her field, Drew is a natural mouthpiece to unpack “equity”, which Drew describes as “a foundational starting point for how we look at the world.”

Join the conversation at the meConvention.

The meConvention – a collaborative space between SXSW and Mercedes-Benz – was the perfect platform for Drew’s deep dive into how equity can be furthered through our digital culture. It was here where Drew moderated an interactive panel with Open Style Lab’s Christina Mallon, blogger and advocate Mama Cāx, and Editor-in-Chief of Glamour Samantha Barry. These inspiring and diverse women looked at authenticity, representation of marginalized voices and social activism – utilizing social media and technology. Drew explained, “social media enables us to tell our stories and be examples for others (…) to imagine a new better, more equitable, thoughtful future.”

Art curator Kimberly Drew and model Mama Cāx in a conversation.
Model Mama Cāx.

Representation with Mama Cāx.

Kimberly Drew wasn’t alone in Austin, she was joined by fellow advocate Mama Cāx, a model and diversity supporter, to create a new vision of the future. In the back of the Concept EQ, Drew and Cāx discussed the ways in which they use fashion to present themselves to society. “I’m very fluid when it comes to my fashion,” Cāx explained, “I use fashion as a way to make a strong statement. I want this to be the first thing someone thinks of when they see me.”

Austin Diaries: the culture trip.

Ahead of Drew’s panel discussion at SXSW, she was joined by local creatives Parker Thornton, Peter Longno and Jared Royal for a road trip around the city to explore the local art scene in Austin. Dazed’s Art & Culture editor Ashleigh Kane also got a ride in the Concept EQ while she put forward crowd-sourced Q&A from Instagram. This quick fire round explored Drew’s inspirations, achievements, goals and risks such as the excitement of finding emerging artists and her dream of curating an exhibition of album artwork from the late 90s.

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Art curator Kimberly Drew and model Mama Cāx in the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ.