• Mercedes Benz Fashion Story 2017 Mia.

    #mbcollective Fashion Story – Chapter One.

Featuring: M.I.A., Tommy Genesis and Concept EQ.

Mercedes-Benz launches the first chapter of the #mbcollective Fashion Story. Part of Mercedes-Benz’ ongoing international Fashion Engagement, this is the first of three chapters that will be released in 2017.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 Mia.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 EQ.

Generation Now, Generation Next.

Titled “Generation Now, Generation Next”, each chapter of the #mbcollective Fashion Story for 2017 will unite exciting international talents in the form of a protagonist (Generation Now), their accompanying protégées (Generation Next) and the new generation battery-electric Concept EQ.

Chapter one: M.I.A. and Tommy Genesis.

Chapter one features the multi-award-winning British musician and artist M.I.A. and her protégée, emerging Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis. M.I.A. is an active supporter of female emerging talent and her partnership with Tommy Genesis seeks to pave the way for strong and alternative female musicians.

Theirs is a partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and a pooling of talents. Their mentor-mentee dialogue therefore speaks directly to the Mercedes-Benz brand strategy and supporting themes of Connectivity, Sustainability and Human Benefit.

Tommy Genesis on M.I.A.

“It is such a privilege to have been chosen to feature in this Mercedes-Benz campaign alongside M.I.A., an icon of the music industry whom I have always respected and admired. Being able to connect with an artist with so much experience, and share her wisdom and knowledge, made possible by Mercedes-Benz, is an incredible opportunity. And being able to promote emerging designers in the process is an added bonus, I think it is important that our generation really supports one another,” says Tommy Genesis.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 MIA.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 MIA Tommy Genesis.

Mercedes-Benz’ Fashion Commitment.

Furthering Mercedes-Benz’ ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting young and emerging talent – the IDEP initiative – the three chapters will feature fashion by Mercedes-Benz supported designers including Anna October, Xiao Li, William Fan, Ran Fan and Steven Tai.

Luke Gilford.

All three chapters were shot by Luke Gilford, a photographer, writer and filmmaker. For Gilford, the project was about energy. “It was important to me to emphasize the emotional intelligence of the Concept EQ. To do that, I wanted to make the human connection between M.I.A. and Tommy Genesis the heart of the story, illustrating their exchange of energy and inspiration. I wanted to make their connection feel honest and raw – like the beginning of an amazing relationship.”

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 MIA Tommy Genesis.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 MIA.

The #mbcollective.

The talents, including M.I.A. and Tommy Genesis, along with photographer, writer and filmmaker Luke Gilford and the featured emerging fashion designers comprise the first members of the burgeoning #mbcollective – a group of influencers, trendsetters and designers who will amplify Mercedes-Benz’ global fashion engagement and use their extensive social following to communicate their activities and embody Mercedes-Benz’ core initiative CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared Services and Electric Drive).

The Location.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story was shot in Malibu on the Wright Ranch property, a 24-acre compound in the mountains which comprises the work and living spaces of 87-year-old Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of the iconic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The property demonstrates the family’s allegiance to organic architecture, with buildings constructed to harmonize with the natural landscape, and recycled building materials incorporated where possible, encapsulating the emphasis Mercedes-Benz places on sustainability.

Chapter 2 of the #mbcollective Fashion Story will be released in June 2017. Head over to to see Mercedes-Benz’ Fashion Story unfold.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story 2017 MIA.