Obsession with an icon.

  • Obsession with an icon.

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    Modern icons: supermodel Natasha Poly and the Mercedes-Benz SL.

    Shiny futurist shapes, intense colours: For its Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion campaign, Mercedes-Benz joined forces with top fashion stars to put the new SL’s distinctive design where it belongs: in the spotlight.

    While Russian supermodel Natasha Poly sets the scene with body-hugging latex by designer Atsuko Kudo, star photographer Jeff Bark highlights the car’s sinuous lines and sensuous curves by also wrapping it in latex.

    Mercedes-Benz SL: Timeless, innovative, edgy.

    Like no other model, the SL embodies the myth of Mercedes-Benz. From the legendary 300 SL and Pagoda right down to the model’s latest incarnation, the SL effortlessly fills the role of a modern icon.

    Across the decades, the timeless classic constantly redefines itself through innovative design – and now polarises as the star of the Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion campaign’s key visual, wowing the crowds without ever pandering to the mainstream.

    Jeff Bark’s seductive idea: latex for both of the shoot’s models.

    Jeff Bark’s artistic vision made him the perfect partner for the project. Around the world, the American is feted for a precise, pop-edged, hyper-realistic technique that imbues photography with a painted aesthetic. To stage the Mercedes-Benz SL in style, he opted for a surprising approach.

    “For me, my photography is only about light and colour, so in this case I wanted to light the car to emphasize its form and three-dimensional qualities, but having the latex as a second skin so you could see the lines of the car in a new way.”