Style Profiles: BMX champion Dennis Enarson.

This short film sees Dennis reclaim his old self and identity – back to being a laid-back BMX professional after a stint of cereal advertising.

Style Battles.

24-year-old Dennis Enarson has been a BMX pro since 2007. Last year, he won Portland’s prestigious Dew Tour Street Style competition. As part of the Mercedes-Benz Style Profiles series, he now braves personal style battle with Team USA Taekwondo Olympic Bronze medallist Paige McPherson in director Ace Norton’s fictional short film “The Kid”. Yet it all starts with a temporal detour courtesy of production designer Andrew Reznik – one that takes us all the way back into a 1980s style all-American middle class kitchen.

The failed face of cornflakes.

Here, we join Dennis at a white-tiled table where he dons his medals and listlessly reads his lines off cardboard flash cards.

In this short film, he plays a failed future version of himself: a former BMX champion who has lost his focus and now ekes out a living fronting cereal ad campaigns. During the audition for his next prospective job, for Toasties BUN BUNS, the crew gets fed up with Dennis’ non-existent acting chops while the former champion himself looks increasingly frustrated with his situation.

Back to his old self.

He decides to throw it all in and leave the set. Back in his Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, a supernatural encounter puts him back on track – and drives him to his former best. In an empty warehouse, we see him jumping anything that blocks his way, accompanied by an LA indie soundtrack. Or is it all just a dream? The style battle continues with taekwondo athlete Paige McPherson and a Matrix-style fight. Intrigued? Watch it here: Style Profiles: taekwondo athlete Paige McPherson.

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