Style Profiles: Theophilus London.

Rapper Theophilus London on designing his own image and why shades are a must-have item on stage.
Text: Aldona Kwiatkowski
Photos: Shelby Duncan

Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld.

Rapper Theophilus London likes to make the best of both worlds: For his new album “Vibes” he has won no less than Kanye West while grandseigneur Karl Lagerfeld – who shot the cover – takes care of the perfect look.

The Trinidad-born and Brooklyn-bred all-rounder extends his eclectic edge to style and sound: His songs splice hip-hop, soul, R&B and electronics; his outfits juxtapose skinny jeans with a handful or two of gold necklaces.

Floating along the SLS AMG.

For the fourth episode of the Mercedes-Benz Style Profiles series, director Bo Mirosseni moved the action to the LA River, a fairly unusual Los Angeles location with a rough, industrial feel. Mirosseni’s visually driven short film lifts the former New Yorker and recent West Coast arrival above the action (and river bed) to visualise the boundless opportunities of designing one’s own image. Also in play: The SLS AMG, whose gullwing doors highlight the airy theme like no other car ever could.

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Behind the scenes of the video shoot.

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