Ada Kokosar.

Style Profiles: Ada Kokosar.

In collaboration with The Coveteur, our new video series  throws a spotlight on the personal style of exceptional individuals.
Text: Aldona Kwiatkowski
Photos: Meredith Jenks
Strong structures, big shoulders and silhouettes, and a penchant for oversized statement coats have since become her trademark look.

Strong structures, big silhouettes.

Striking stylist Ada Kokosar has been turning heads since childhood. Growing up in a small town near Milan, the Italian-Slovenian blue-eyed blonde invariably caught the eye of passers-by. “I always felt that people around me perceived me differently, so as a teenager I often changed my look and took a long time to carve out personal style I felt comfortable and confident with.” Strong structures, big shoulders and silhouettes, and a penchant for oversized statement coats have since become her trademark look, making her a perennial street style photographer favourite and a sought-after stylist in her own right, working for magazines like VOGUE, W Magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR and GLAMOUR, among others.

Exclusive insights.

Equally confident in front of the camera and behind the scenes, Ada Kokosar is the perfect protagonist to launch Style Profiles, a new Mercedes-Benz video series portraying standout creatives who disclose what shaped their look and reveal the key moments and items involved. Together with online fashion magazine The Coveteur – known for treating its readership to exclusive insights into the closets of international fashion icons and celebrities – and New York filmmaker Matt Black, we visit the stylist in her Tribeca loft in Lower Manhattan.

Ada Kokosar in her loft in Tribeca.
Ada Kokosar's vintage finds, couture pieces, shoe collection, and countless coats.

An impressive collection.

Due to her relatively recent move – extensive travel between Europe and the US had post-poned Kokosar’s planned relocation to NYC – her apartment is still relatively bare with a distinct studio air. The spacious feel makes a welcome change from the city’s usually cramped living conditions. And although some of the final touches might still be missing, her clothes are already in place – an entire room is dedicated to this impressive collection of apparel and accessories. We sift through her vintage finds, couture pieces, shoe collection, and the countless coats that characterize her style. At one point Kokosar picks out a kimono and asks if we should use it for the shoot. Clad in the delicate fabric, she wafts through her bright, minimalist New York loft in a floor-length crème-coloured silky dream.

New York casual, Italian chic.

Intrigued, I ask her on which occasion she has worn this extravagant piece. She shoots me a slightly confused look and states, “When I go to the supermarket.” An answer that somehow defines her immaculate blend of New York casual and Italian chic – with an unmistakable Ada Kokosar note.

For further insights into Ada Kokosar’s eclectic closet, visit our partner site The Coveteur.

New York casual, Italian chic.

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