Style Profiles: model Adrianne Ho and driver Kash.

How to get that coveted 5-star rating on services like mytaxi in seven steps.
Text: Aldona Kwiatkowski
Photos: Shelby Duncan

The driver-passenger relationship.

Taxi apps like mytaxi – purchased last year by Daimler offshoot moovel GmbH – are one of the latest digital-meets-physical innovations that make our mobile lifestyles that little bit easier. Beyond the option to book and settle a cab ride by app, the new system also impacts the relationship between driver and passenger.

Sure, even before the recent app-olution – and depending on mood, personality and mutual liking – people would enjoy nice chats, local city tips and the odd worldly wisdom en route, but now you are actively encouraged to rate each other after the transaction. A simple change that markedly reduces the chance of unfriendly encounters for all involved: After all, drivers want to continue making money – and passengers guaranteed future pick-ups.

Show yourself from your best side.

To get that coveted 5-star rating, some drivers have started to offer drinks and even provide the right soundtrack by hooking the passenger’s own Spotify playlist into the car’s audio system.

Now, it is no longer enough to chauffeur people safely from A to B to get more than a lacklustre three-star rating; you also need to be social an excel in every way. In the fifth instalment of the Mercedes-Benz Style Profiles series, taxi app driver Kash reveals just what it takes to get there in seven steps.

Going the extra mile.

His passenger in the Mercedes-Benz 280 SE is fitness guru Adrianne Ho, heading from Hollywood to Silverlake. Not an easy task for Kash as Adrianne is not only notorious for being in incredible shape, but also for going the proverbial extra mile in absolutely everything she does.

The sought-after streetwear model with French and Chinese roots not only runs her own website for active lifestyles called “Sweat The Style”, but also recently launched her own sportswear label. True to his passenger’s favourite slogan, Kash also decides to go all-in: He perfects the art of small talk, focuses on shared interests and even joins Adrianne for a workout at seminal fitness chain SoulCycle.

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