• #mbcollective Fashion Story – Chapter Two.

    #mbcollective Fashion Story – Chapter Two.

    Susan Sarandon and the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ.

Featuring: Susan Sarandon, Bryn Mooser and Concept EQ.

Continuing the Fashion Story, Mercedes-Benz launches the second chapter of the #mbcollective collaboration. Starring protagonist Susan Sarandon and her protégée Bryn Mooser, the narrative explores the concept of emotion as part of Mercedes-Benz’ ongoing international Fashion Engagement initiative. Shot by photographer and filmmaker Luke Gilford, the Fashion Story is set to a backdrop of the Wright Ranch property in Malibu – perfectly demonstrating organic architecture that encapsulates the emphasis that Mercedes-Benz place on sustainability.

The Next Chapter.

The partnership follows on from Chapter One, which featured the British musician, curator and artist M.I.A. (Generation Now) and her protégée, Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis (Generation Next). The second pairing unites Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon with the innovative filmmaker and humanitarian Bryn Mooser. Together they explore the emotional growth that human connection and relationships stimulate.

Susan Sarandon on Bryn Mooser.

“I am thrilled to have become a member of this powerful #mbcollective, and to have chosen Bryn Mooser as my protégée, giving us further opportunity to work together. Having narrated one of Bryn’s extraordinary films for RYOT, I have witnessed his empathy and passion first-hand. I feel honored to be able to convey his altruistic spirit through the latest Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story and proud to work with Mercedes-Benz to highlight their Concept EQ electric car – supporting sustainability is a very important value of mine.”

Concept EQ: Electric Intelligence.

Showcasing the Concept EQ car, Chapter 2 puts this innovative vehicle in the spotlight. Acting as an almost voyeuristic witness to the scene, the car shares the moment without actively participating. The name EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” and the Fashion Story accordingly plays on this idea, exploring strength and energy generated by an emotional connection.

Mercedes-Benz and fashion.

In-line with Mercedes-Benz’ commitment to supporting and nurturing emerging talent, the Fashion Story features fashion by designers including Anna October, Xiao Li, William Fan, Ran Fan and Steven Tai. All of the participating designers were previously supported by Mercedes-Benz and benefitted from the brand’s Fashion Engagement and accompanying global activations, they continue to form and grow the #mbcollective. Continuing Mercedes-Benz’ ongoing international Fashion Engagement, the third of three chapters that will be released in September 2017, featuring the final protagonist and their connecting protégée.

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