• Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

    #WeWonder with Carol Lim & Humberto Leon: New York Fashion Week.

Fashion and design visionaries.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion #WeWonder initiative brings together seven of the world’s most innovative and inspiring fashion and design visionaries to imagine the potentiality of the future. A future in which Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a holistic approach under the EQ brand umbrella. This features the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ, presented as an integral part of everyday life. The fourth instalment of our six-part global series was hosted by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon exploring their chosen theme, “Journey”, at New York Fashion Week.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class at the New York Fashion Week
Dragqueen Sasha Velour at the runway show of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

The #WeWonder Manifesto: Journey.

#WeWonder is Mercedes-Benz Fashion’s latest initiative to begin a global conversation discussing the future through fashion, technology and culture. Following innovative launches with Kimberly Drew, Slick Woods and Kevin Ma, we joined design duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon for their Spring/Summer 2019 Opening Ceremony show in New York. For their runway show, Carol and Humberto partnered with artist Sasha Velour, who curated “The Gift of Showz” – a playful celebration of drag culture and LGBTQ+ experiences.

When Carol Lim & Humberto Leon met THEM.

Featuring creatives from disciplines spanning art, music and culture, THEM is a next-generation community platform that celebrates fashion and individuality, as seen through the lens of today’s LGBTQ+ community. Providing the perfect pairing for Opening Ceremony and Sasha Velour’s colourful launch, Carol and Humberto joined forces to create a new celebratory collective featuring THEM members including Phillip Picardi, Chella Man, Myles Loftin, Barragan and Dylan the Gypsy. The inspiring group were shot at The Standard, High Line in New York and accompanied by a very special rainbow G-Class. Together, they dicussed their own individual journeys and how they have each evolved personally and creatively.

Sasha Velour
Sasha Velour with Jiggly Caliente, Lypsinka, Shea Couleé, West Dakota, Miss Fame and Christina Aguilera

People without labels.

On Sunday, 9th September, Opening Ceremony and New York’s drag community presented “The Gift of Showz”, co-created by Sasha Velour. Starring a cast selected by Sasha including Jiggly Caliente, Lypsinka, Shea Couleé, West Dakota, Miss Fame and Christina Aguilera, the performers were engaged as collaborators rather than models. Wearing custom looks designed using Opening Ceremony’s Spring 2019 fabrics, the show was inspired by the idea of “Journey”. Humberto said of the theme, “Sasha’s work reminds me of my own journey. What drew me to drag shows as a teenager is the same thing that propelled Carol and I to start Opening Ceremony: a celebration of individuality, freedom of expression”.

Let’s talk: Fashion, Drag, and The Future.

“Realising your dreams is only a fabulous outfit away.” – Humberto Leon

To conclude the three-day celebration of individuality, Mercedes-Benz Fashion, Sasha Velour and Opening Ceremony hosted a special panel discussion on “Fashion, Drag, and The Future!” moderated by Phillip Picardi. The collective spoke about their personal journeys of individuality to a room full of fashion industry professionals and students alike. As Carol previously explained, “you constantly need to take stock of where you are, at every step, because these are all the things that accumulate to help navigate you to the future”.

Guests at the panel discussion on “Fashion, Drag, and The Future!”
Carol Lim, Humberto Leon, their collective and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Breaking down stereotypes.

Together with Mercedes-Benz and the series of #WeWonder activations, Carol, Humberto and Sasha added to the growing #mbcollective by creating their own. Their voices aim to break down gender stereotypes by leading a diverse collective – an assembly of leading personas from art, fashion, music and culture in order to amplify the message of people without labels.

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