• Vegetables on table.

    Intuitive eating – Can we forget about diets?

    Do you want a relaxed relationship with the issue of nutrition? Then don't let trend diets such as Paleo or Low Carb High Fat confuse you: follow your gut feeling instead.

Intuition can be learnt.

“I'll start on Monday.” You are sure to have said this sentence at some point already, determined to start a diet soon after that big piece of chocolate cake. How many nutrition trends have you tried out already, and how often did you end up frustrated and hungry? This doesn't have to be the case, because eating well is not so difficult.

Vegetables on table.
Vegetables on table.

Bye-bye resolutions!

When you listen to your body, it communicates clearly what it needs. It is true that it sometimes asks for sweets, but this is quickly followed by a desire for vegetables, salads and meals made from fresh ingredients. This works well even after holidays. Just think of Christmas – after three days of roast dinners, mince pies and plenty of wine, you start longing for fresh vegetables.

So you think that won't work?

In the last few years you have probably taken a lot of scientific and pseudo-scientific nutritional baggage on board. Don't worry, you're not the only one this has happened to. Did you know that all the studies concerning diets have one thing in common? No diet works in the long run. Quite the opposite: in most cases you end up putting on weight instead of losing kilos.

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Feeling what your body really needs.

Our body functions intertwine in a fascinating way: deficiencies are corrected by the body to a certain extent by itself. It draws important nutrients from our food, gives us signals such as hunger, thirst or pain that tell us exactly what we need to do. When it comes to nutrition habits, think of what very young children do: they eat according to their appetite, leave what they don't want, only eating food that tastes good to them. Only at about the age of three does the brain begin to send out impulses

that interfere with the body's natural functions and make us eat more than we really need. The example of the small child shows that the wisdom is deep within us. So why not literally trust your gut feeling and eat what tastes good? If you are in need of energy, your body may give the signal “Pasta” instead of “small mixed salad”. And that's a good thing! Trust your body, even in your adult age, it's smarter than you think.

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Trust your body!

If you should want to give intuitive eating a try, put aside all the knowledge you have about nutrition. At least for a while. In extreme cases this may mean that you end up eating only hamburgers and potato chips for five days. Never mind. According to author and expert for intuitive nutrition Geneen Roth this is part of the program. This is the only way to re-learn to understand your body's signals and realise that some other need may be concealed behind the desire for unhealthy things.

Recommended reading.

For all those who don't quite manage without a few guidelines, we warmly recommend the suggestions made in Geneen Roth's book “Woman, Food and God”:

1. Eat only when you are really hungry.
2. Create a relaxed atmosphere and sit down for your meal.
3. Avoid distractions. These include television, music, newspaper or books, as well as emotionally-charged conversations.
4. Indulge yourself, allow yourself to enjoy the food you would like to eat now.
5. Stop eating when you are full.
6. Always eat as if others were watching you.
7. Enjoy your meals with all your senses.

At first it may seem strangely unaccustomed to you to listen to your body's needs. Trust your gut feeling, it will nourish you on the physical, mental and spiritual level. A pleasant side-effect: a healthy body with your personal feel-well weight.

Vegetables on table.