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    Oh, happy day: In three steps to your personal morning routine.

    How to start your day stress-free and put more relaxation into your everyday life with a few simple tricks.

    Text: Rebecca Randak

Routine – but done correctly.

The alarm clock rings. “What? Already? In the middle of the night?” you think, pressing the snooze button. Half-awake, you repeat this procedure for the next 30 minutes, until it really is time to get up. Still in bed, you check your Facebook feed, followed by your e-mails while you’re brushing your teeth. As you are already too late once again, your plan to meditate every morning will have to wait until the next day. You jump into the shower, snatch your clothes out of the wardrobe, throw on your jeans and blouse and leave the rest on the floor. At the same time, you gulp down your coffee and dash out of the front door. Mornings like these often leave an unpleasant feeling that reverberates all day long. The good news: It’s also possible to influence the day in a positive manner. And this is possible with a morning routine that brings peace and calm instead of hectic into the time after waking up – and thus into the rest of the day.

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How can I find a good morning routine?

Meditate, have a hearty breakfast, read the newspaper and maybe even go jogging before work – we usually attempt to do too much when we try to change our habits. However, if you want to create routines that bring long-term benefits, you don’t really have to change your ways, rather you have to adapt your ideals to your real needs. It’s not too difficult to do, either. These three steps can show you how to find out which morning habits can help you tune in positively to prepare for the day ahead.

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Step 1: Find new inspiration.

What would you like for the morning hours? More time with your family, or would you prefer peace and quiet before all the others get up? A sports programme to wake up body and mind, or a quiet moment to order your thoughts? If you are not quite sure what you would like to do differently in the morning, simply try it out. Here are a few things to inspire a good start in the morning:

● Make coffee without any distraction and enjoy it in bed

● Read the newspaper for ten minutes

● Do a 7-minute workout

● Write down your first thoughts of the day in a diary

● Have breakfast with your family

● Take a shower with awareness, being conscious of the feeling of the water on your skin

● Go outside barefoot – in all kinds of weather

● Carry out breathing exercises or simple yoga exercises

● Meditate on the mantra “let it go” for five minutes

● Listen to your favourite song at full volume and dance to it

Expand this list at will. Everything that enriches your daily life is allowed.

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Step 2: Creating a mini morning ritual.

Now you can choose two or three new activities for which you need a maximum of 15 minutes. Here’s how this might look, for example: go out into the garden and feel the lawn under your feet, dance for three minutes to Kris Kross’ “Jump”, meditate for five minutes. The more concrete, the better. It is a good idea to write down the new routine, maybe even in the calendar. This creates a stronger feeling of commitment.

Step 3: Reality check.

Take another look at your list. Do you look forward to your new morning routine? Or do you feel put under pressure by it? If this seems to you like just one more arduous task on your to-do list, check again if you have chosen activities that will give you pleasure and adjust your morning ritual if necessary.

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Woman stretched herself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now you only have to put your plans into practice. Allow yourself a week to start the day consciously every morning. At first, one’s weaker self may still be peeking out from under the blanket, but by the end of the week you will most likely notice how good the new rhythm is for you. Don’t despair if you fall back into old stress patterns from time to time – this is quite normal. At the latest when you notice that you miss your good morning minutes, this will indirectly strengthen your routine and you simply return to it the next day.