• Hand massage.

    From cactus touch to Lomilomi – the world’s most bizarre massages.

    Instead of taking an adventure holiday in faraway countries, simply go to the massage parlour for a change.

    Text: Claudio Rimmele

Crazy massage trends.

No wellness temple in the world can do without a wide range of massages. Hot stone, Shiatsu, Thai massage: The more exotic the name, the more popular the massage appears to be. Since man’s inventive spirit knows no bounds, there are now unique massage techniques with really adventurous-sounding names. We asked around and took stock of the craziest massage trends.

Woman lies relaxed on bed.
Man gives woman hand massage.

Smartphone massage.

Tensions of the hand due to constant tapping on the smartphone have become commonplace. A hotel chain from Germany has recognized the situation and has offered the world’s first massage solution. The “Relax with no apps” massage, focusing mainly on the neck, arms and hands, makes you fit again for daily communication with the smartphone in 25 minutes.

Cactus massage.

At the sound of this name, one winces instinctively. No need to fear, though. The cactus massage from Mexico is absolutely painless. The needles are removed before the cactus leaves are rubbed on your back to bring out the sap from the leaves and subsequently spread it over your body. Those who offer this kind of massage promise a blood circulation-enhancing and skin-soothing effect of the plants.

Man gives woman back massage.
Man gives woman back massage.

Snail massage.

Thanks to the mucus it produces, a snail can slide along on almost any surface. However, it appears this secretion can do a lot more. The snail face massage comes from Tokyo. Between five and ten of these molluscs massage your skin by sliding over your face. The effect this promises: relaxed facial skin, less acne and a younger skin tone.

Blind massage.

There is a tradition that comes from China: to be treated by a blind masseur. The technique comes from traditional Chinese natural medicine. The touch of a blind therapist is reported to be much more intense. In addition, a blind masseur can detect and treat tensions and problem areas much more effectively. But whether blind or seeing, for a good massage, ample training counts more than vision.

Man gives woman back massage.
  • Woman places pancakes on back of woman.

Lomilomi, pancake- and robot massage.

Practised in Hawaii for centuries, Lomilomi is a true adventure for all the senses. First of all, medicinal herbs are eaten to cleanse the body. Then the whole body is kneaded with rhythmic movements and rubbed with ethereal oils. Meanwhile, music is played and the therapist sings traditional songs. The goal of Lomilomi is not only to strengthen the blood circulation and relieve tensions, but also to have a holistic effect on the body and mind.

If you don’t just want to eat pancakes for breakfast, you should try this massage technique. Fresh, warm pancakes made from organic natural wheat are placed on the back, stimulating blood circulation.

Inventor Yvette Chiang swears by the detoxifying and healing effects of pancakes.

The first massage robot, developed in Singapore, scans the body with a 3D camera and uses this analysis to perform an individual massage therapy. Especially for acute physiotherapeutic complaints, such a technology is an important step for data-based treatment and health care. Unfortunately, though, the robot is still in the experimental phase and is not yet commercially available.

Woman massages herself.

Becoming a masseur yourself.

No matter which unusual technique you choose for your next spa visit: a good massage at the hands of a professional is worth the money. If you feel that more massages are needed in everyday life, you can take a massage course with your partner or friends. Even a simple neck massage after a stressful day can transport us directly to relaxation paradise.

By the way: On the way to the massage parlour you can enjoy the optional equipment of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and reach your destination completely relaxed. This is provided by the energizing massage function of the luxurious leather seats, which indulge the back of the driver and front passenger with a massage based on the hot stone principle. The pulsating movements of the air chambers in the seats and the soothing warmth create an all-round feeling of well-being. This way, even a long journey becomes as relaxing as a visit to the spa after an intense working week.