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    K-Beauty: Beauty care from the Far East.

    Asian women swear by a ten-step skin care programme. Merely elaborate or the ultimate ritual for more awareness?

Perfect complexion in 10 steps.

In the morning just a hurried splash of cold water on your face and in the evening wash off the mascara with sleepy eyes half-closed. This can sometimes happen when you are short of time or very tired. The daily beauty care in the Far East is radically different: Korean women swear by the ten care steps they take in the mornings and evenings with almost religious zeal. Asia is famous for innovations in the field of cosmetics. These days, for instance, beauty products with fermented fruit or snail mucilage are capturing the European market. But also the so-called “K-Beauty” rituals are met with great fascination and have won enthusiastic followers. After all, their success cannot be ignored: Korean women are renowned for their perfect and seemingly poreless porcelain complexion.

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Beauty ritual.

The beauty ritual in the mornings and evenings does so much more than produce a radiant appearance. Carrying out the various care steps can also be seen as a meditation, which is good for you in more ways than one: extra care for your skin and timeout for your head. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend many hours a day in the bathroom from now on. Since not every step is on the schedule every single day, ten to fifteen minutes are usually more than sufficient for the care ritual.

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This is how the 10-step care programme works – part I.

1st step: Removal of eye make-up with micellar water or cleansing oil. In the morning you can carry on with the next step directly.

2nd step: So-called “Double Cleaning” is a firm part of “K-Beauty” in which the cleaning ritual is taken very seriously. In the second step, you thoroughly cleanse your face with a foam, gel or lotion and water, depending on your skin type.

3rd step: Once or twice a week a gentle exfoliating scrub removes dry skin cells and provides a rosy complexion.

4th step: Now it’s time for a facial toner. If you already have one in the cabinet, feel free to use your accustomed product. Or you can try a Korean toner. It removes cleansing residues, prepares the skin for the next care step and moisturises it with special active ingredients. Simply apply directly to your face, neck and neckline with your hands and massage gently into your skin.

5th step: The so-called “essence” is a very important element in Korean care. This novel product is a hybrid of serum and toner and provides the skin with a concentrated load of nutrients.

6th step: Yet more special care: ampoules are used against wrinkles, pigmentation, blemishes or enlarged pores.

7th step: At the heart of the programme is the use of a “sheet mask”, which provides the skin with moisture intensely. Twice a week you apply to your face a cloth mask soaked with highly concentrated active ingredients for 20 minutes. This means: on these days there is extra meditative time out.

8th step: Eye cream is a firm part of morning and evening treatment to reduce wrinkles, swelling or dark shadows. Gently tap in the cream with your ring finger.

Woman puts on face mask.

This is how the 10-step care program works – part II.

9th step: A moisturising cream protects the skin and should be absorbed for a few minutes before the next and final step. In the evening, once a week a “Sleeping pack” is also applied in the form of a mask that acts overnight.

10th step: Protect your skin against premature ageing, sun damage and wrinkles during the day – even in cloudy weather and in winter – with a sun protection agent.

For Korean women, by the way, this act of self-love and mini time-out in the bathroom is not a luxury, but a part of their culture in which a healthy skin that is not covered by make-up is considered an ideal of beauty.