• Mike Horn Expedition: Pangaea.

    “Making the impossible possible”.

    Mike Horn sails around the world for environmental conservation

Pangaea is the expedition Mike Horn has always dreamt of.

The four year expedition on board the boat of the same name is more than a standard adventure for the visionary – it is his personal mission. Following his various expeditions over the years and over the globe, Mike Horn wanted to pass on his knowledge and experience to future generations. As an ambassador for our planet, the native South African is calling for more respect for our earth and for active conservation of the environment. On his globe spanning sailing expedition, he and his team initiated environmental and social projects both on sea and land. They focussed on environmental issues such as the melting of the ice caps at the poles, water pollution, creating awareness about the planet and develop solutions in order to preserve it for future generations.

Protecting and conserving the earth’s beauty.

“The impossible exists only until we find a way to make it possible” – Mike Horn’s maxim has taken him to the furthest-flung regions of the earth. The 49 year old is appreciated as one of the world’s greatest modern adventurers. He has ascended three of the 8,000 metre summits in the Himalayas without the use of additional oxygen and has successfully circumnavigated both the world around the equator and the Arctic Circle on solo, non-motorized expeditions. He has skied to the North Pole, trekked to the South Pole, sailed every sea and has experienced the most extreme conditions from the heat of the desert to the stifling lack of oxygen at high altitude.

Young Explorer.

The 2001 winner of the Laureus Prize for alternative sports has learnt about both our world’s beauty and environmental problems on his many expeditions. He realized that the future of the earth lies in the hands of our youth: a well-informed youth who have been taught how to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources. It became his earnest desire to open young people’s eyes to this challenge. Thus, since 2008, 100 Young Explorers between 15 and 20 and from countries throughout the globe have accompanied him during different stages on the Pangaea expedition. Under the motto “explore – learn –act”, these Young Explorers experienced the world’s beauty and, by supporting Mike Horn on his projects, actively contributed to environmental conservation.

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