• Roger Federer reveals the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

    Roger Federer and the X-Class – the perfect double.

    Versatile, stylish and sportive: the global tennis star Roger Federer and the X-Class are a perfect match.

    Text: Marcel Schlegel

The Swiss star’s career is unparalleled.

He has already won everything that can be won. For more than 300 weeks, almost six years, Roger Federer was the world number one in his career – longer than anyone else. Nineteen Grand Slam titles, including eight in Wimbledon, are in the Swiss tennis star’s sporting CV – again, more than anyone else. On three occasions, the Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador won three Grand Slams in a single season – another feat that nobody else has managed. To continue this list would be child’s play …

Roger Federer plays indoor tennis on a blue tennis court
Roger Federer with his tennis racket holding in his right hand

His best days seemed to be behind him.

But he seemed to have been written off. The star of the great Roger Federer appeared to have been extinguished at 35 years of age – a knee operation, a half-year break, and that after a lean spell of five years without a Grand Slam title. He should just take it easy, they said, he has achieved everything, were typical remarks that the global star had to listen to around that time. To whom did he still have anything to prove? He always replied that he would carry on playing because he still enjoyed it, because the game still motivated him. The game that had been his game for decades.

Federer makes breathtaking comeback.

Then, however, Roger Federer beat, of all people, his permanent rival Rafael Nadal in five bitterly contested sets – in the final of the Australian Open 2017, in other words the first of the four Grand Slam tournaments of that year. Aged 35, Federer had again returned to center stage in the tennis circus. Hardly anyone thought he was still capable of it. He probably surprised himself most of all: after his match-winner, Federer jumped around like a little kid, and on the occasion of his fifth presentation ceremony in Melbourne he cried tears of joy.

He did not think about quitting – not then and not now either. On the contrary: Federer really picked up speed again in 2017, and at 36 “FedEx” is still operating as reliably as a Swiss watch.

Tennis star always looking for new challenges.

The father of four is already well on his way to the top again, where he is producing top performances and hardly allowing himself any mistakes. How can that be possible? How can one reinvent oneself after so many years in professional sport? What drives Roger Federer?

In order to produce highest performances like that over the years, one must consciously seek new paths and unusual challenges. Yes, one must surprise oneself.

Roger Federer reveals the Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Roger Federer and the X-Class – a perfect team.

For that reason alone, Roger Federer and the Mercedes-Benz X-Class are the perfect double act. With its unique versatility and the strength to adjust to all conditions, the pick-up with the Mercedes star is challenging everyone else. The X-Class is shifting the boundaries of the classic pick-up world. It is enhancing the strengths of a medium-sized pick-up with the typical Mercedes-Benz attributes of driving dynamics, comfort, design, safety, networking and all-encompassing individualization. Strong in character, sure in style – and as elegant and powerful as “FedEx” himself.

Australian Open 2018 – Will he manage another coup?

A few weeks ago, Rafael Nadal was asked who the best tennis player in the world was. The Spaniard began by praising Novak Đoković, but then the name Roger Federer was mentioned. The Swiss, explained Nadal, was the best player he had ever played against – and perhaps the best the sport had ever seen. Currently, though, Nadal heads the rankings, ahead of Roger Federer. But now the Australian Open is awaiting. The hard court of Melbourne, always a fruitful venue for Federer. His vision: to be the best one more time, to go back to where he belongs: at the top.

Roger Federer swings the tennis racket