Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: International Fashion Showcase in Somerset House in London.

International Fashion Showcase 2017 presented by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz presents the International Fashion Showcase 2017 in London’s Somerset House.

Mercedes-Benz with new partners.

Mercedes-Benz continues its commitment to supporting and mentoring designers with the British Fashion Council and the British Council at the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) 2017, a platform showcasing emerging talents from 26 countries with an award ceremony.

The IFS winning designer will be given the opportunity to showcase their latest collection at one of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week platforms.

Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Emerging design talents from 26 countries were presented.

Mercedes-Benz supports emerging designers.

Via the International Designer Exchange Programme (IDEP), Mercedes-Benz supports and presents five selected emerging designers in a dedicated area at IFS 2017.

Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Five young talents were presented in an exclusive exhibition area.
Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Designer Steven Tai took up the topic of bookworm.

Steven Tai: Back to the roots.

Nerds are Steven Tai’s inspiration. For S/S 17, Tai revisits the bookworm character that shaped his debut collection. The result is a refined collection featuring masterfully manipulated organza patiently hand-cut on bias and folded with zigzag stitching across the hems. It’s meticulous and oddly poetic.

Angel Chen: Local Identities.

Angel Chen’s fascination with China’s distinct heritage – their traditional dress, embroidery, ceremonies and myths – merges with tech-driven fabric treatments in her S/S 17 collection. African cultural traditions recaptured Chen’s imagination for A/W 17, taking inspiration from the embroidery of the Cameroonian Bamileke tribe, embellished crowns of Nigerian Yoruba kings and beadwork worn by the Nyangatom women of Ethiopia.

Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Designer Angel Chen was inspired by Africa.
Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Designer William Fan dealt with the utopia of the cultural struggle in China.

William Fan: Cultural Clash.

Taking cues from his German upbringing and Chinese heritage, William Fan looks towards the culture-clashing utopia of Chinatown in his latest collection “Afternoon Stories”. Fan’s ageless and unisex aesthetic provides the perfect canvas to interpret the diverse characters and contrasts that meet in this urban enclave. The old, the new, the cheap, the chic and the Asian and Europeans elements fuse together in Fan’s colour- and texture-rich collection.

David Ferreira: Fantasy couture.

David Ferreira celebrates the traditional fado music of Portugal, paying tribute to the pioneering diva that popularised the genre in the streets and taverns of 1830s Lisbon, A Severa. Derived from the Latin “fatum” – meaning “fate” or “destiny” – and inscribed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Ferreira evokes fado’s melancholic spirit and the tragic fate of its near mythical heroine in colour, detail and fabric.

Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Designer David Ferreira paid tribute to the Diva Servera.
Mercedes-Benz IFS Awards London Fashion Week AW17: Anna K. created a unique wardrobe with bows, lace and frill.

Anna K: Young globetrotter.

Anna K creates a whimsical wardrobe complete with bows, lace and ruffles. The Anna K world is one of a coquettish Alice in Wonderland where quirky slogans meet messages of female empowerment in a sugary palette of pastel pinks, greens and blues. By the age of twenty-one the Kiev native showcased her collections in all the major fashion capitals, presenting her collections globally whilst producing locally.

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