• One promise: the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

    Birth of a legend. me magazine

    It all started with a dream of bringing original Formula 1 technology to the streets. That dream is now set to become reality. Tobias Moers, head of Mercedes-AMG, presents the Mercedes-AMG Project One show car.

A hypercar.

The dream began with the customers. As Tobias Moers travelled around the world, many customers told him that they wanted AMG to do something that had never been seen before: a hypercar – bolder, faster and more powerful than anything the Mercedes-Benz sports car brand had built to date. “A high flyer,” they insisted, “a real AMG creation.”

The head of Mercedes-AMG was happy to hear this, having already had similar thoughts himself. But back then in 2013, five years ago, other plans were in the works, such as the Mercedes-AMG GT. “But I never forgot about the high flyer,” Moers recalls.You could call the next part of the story a coincidence or a twist of fate...

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