• The new A-Class: the intuitive car.

    The new A-Class.

    Welcome to the age of intuitive mobility! The A-Class has been driving innovation since it was first launched back in 1997. Behold the latest generation: the first car that understands you – and that you can grasp intuitively.

    Text: Kathrin Maier | Photos: Igor Panitz

A-Class quality in the year 2018.

This car marks the beginning of a new era. Because the A-Class has managed to do something that only few cars have been able to achieve: it immediately makes the driver feel at home. The A-Class has been as innovative as it has been successful for more than 20 years. And with the newest generation, it has maintained all of its strengths while undergoing fundamental changes. It is now wider, more spacious and better than ever before: that’s A-Class quality in the year 2018.

The interior of the new A-Class.

Newly found freedom: passengers in the back seat have significantly more room than in the predecessor.

The interior of the new A-Class.

Everything at hand: the three-spoke steering wheel offers full control.

Intuitive mobility.

But the true innovation is the principle of intuitive mobility. That begins with the set-up assistant, which the developers have endearingly dubbed “Wizard”. Even without reading the instruction manual you’ll get along – all of the features are easy to comprehend. The artificial intelligence in the A-Class understands and adapts to your needs. If you’re cold, for example, all you have to do is say is “I’m cold” and the heat will turn on. Depending on the configuration, you can also adjust the interior lighting to suit your favourite music: blue for chill-out music and red for rock, perhaps?

You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Your A-Class knows your favourite destinations and favourite songs (as well as your family’s), and it lets you make phone calls on your smartphone with a single command. The intelligent language assistance is activated either via a button on the steering wheel or with the command “Hey Mercedes”. It’s not the human who has to adapt to the machine, but the other way round. How does this intuitive mobility feel? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

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