Driving the G-Class through infinite nature along the Skeleton Coast.

Mike Horn: “Go further. Dream bigger. Move faster.”

Mike Horn and his G-Class go Pole2Pole: We caught up with the intrepid adventurer ahead of his next expedition.
Photo: Richard Thompson
Dwarfed but not defeated by a frozen waterfall.

Foto: Erik Hecht

Taming awesome nature.

Your journey will cover deserts, jungles, tundra, and you’ll be sailing, skiing, driving from pole to pole. Is there any particular aspect or challenge you’re apprehensive about?


Like I always say, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. This basically means that no matter the challenge I am willing to undertake, there will always be something worth being apprehensive about. Pole2Pole is a unique expedition because it will take me through a variety of landscapes, seasons, and conditions. During this two-year adventure, I will be sailing across oceans, skiing across both the Arctic and Antarctica, and driving in extreme terrains. I am more apprehensive, however, about the two world-firsts I will be undertaking; the crossing of the Arctic and Antarctica. These steps of the journey need to be extremely well prepared. From equipment to weather to mental conditions, a great amount of details come into play to guarantee secure crossings.

An enriching expedition.

During your last trip, Drive 2 Climb K2, it was clear that the people you met along the way were what really made the adventure special. How do you maximise the potential for such enriching encounters?


One of my childhood dreams was always to visit every single corner of the globe by foot, to discover every hidden secret this planet hides from us, and to meet as many people as possible. Given our limited amount of time on this planet, this dream proved difficult to realise until my recent collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This unique partnership has opened an incredible amount of opportunities for an extreme explorer like me. Finally, I had found the ideal partner to cover as much terrain in as little time, all while meeting people along the way.

The G-Class: an integral part of Mike’s team

Photo: Chris Brinlee Jr.

Instead of travelling by plane, I have decided to maximise my chances of seeing every corner of the globe and meeting as many people as possible by entirely opting for terrestrial modes of transport. By driving the G-Class in the most remote parts of this world, I am hoping to meet people with whom I can exchange and share experiences, all together enriching the Pole2Pole adventure.

Mike with his daughters in Namibia.

Photo: Dmitry Sharomov

Finding hope and inspiration.

Where do you draw energy and inspiration from when things get tough?


My passion for the world and preserving it is what inspires me to keep on doing what I do. At times, when I see the rate at which the planet is deteriorating, I begin to lose hope for future generations. I will, however, never lose my desire to explore the world and to inspire others to take action to preserve and conserve by highlighting the natural beauty of the planet. In moments where things get really tough, I think of my friends and family. I think of my wife Cathy, who has always allowed me to chase my dreams, and my daughters Annika and Jessica, to whom I promise I will always come back home safe.

Mike with his trusty G-Class.

Photo: Chris Brinlee Jr.

Global adventures with the G-Class.

Do you agree that the G-Class has become an integral part of your team? In what ways?

The G-Class has not only become an integral part of my team, the G-Class has become an essential tool allowing me to go further, to dream bigger, and to move faster. Partnering with this legendary car has led me to discover parts of the world I once used to fly over by plane.

By driving across countries, I have met inspiring people, seen incredible landscapes, and shared unique experiences. With the G-Class as my expedition companion, I do not fear dangerous situations. It is a vehicle I can completely rely on and in which I feel safe. Together, the G-Class and I are unstoppable.

From pole to pole: circumnavigating the globe.

Talking about Pole2Pole. What was on your mind when you chose to circumnavigate the globe in a continuous manner?

Pole2Pole is a never-seen-before, never-done-before series of unique expeditions – a multi-threaded yarn that will be shared and distributed across multiple media platforms, educating and entertaining a global audience through film, digital content, and television. With this expedition, I wish to inspire others to take action to protect and conserve the planet by highlighting its natural beauty. I want to take the audience around the world on this true modern day adventure – where I will face seemingly insurmountable odds in my attempt to cross both poles on skis.

The sailing vessel Pangaea on its way to Namibia.

Throughout the circumnavigation of the globe, I will be taking on different projects, similarly to the Pangaea project, working closely with the young world ambassadors that have travelled with me in the past.

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