• Mercedes-Benz Innovation: Connectivity. Car-to-Car-Communication – Radio system sends danger warnings from vehicle to vehicle.

    Mercedes-Benz Innovation: Connectivity.

Networked at any time.

A human’s best friend in many cases does not have four legs, but four wheels. Networked at any time and from anywhere with your vehicle – this is realised for customers, for example, via Mercedes me: the digital service platform is the central access point to the world of Mercedes-Benz. For Mercedes-Benz, connectivity means much more than Internet in the car. Even those who are not sitting behind the steering wheel can network with their vehicle and much more. The Mercedes me portal and the Mercedes me app bundle all digital offers, services and news. Being online at all times – on board of a Mercedes-Benz, this is a matter of course. Connecting the vehicle to the cloud, multimedia systems make it part of the Internet of Things.