Lab1886 is an incubator – we guide ideas within a system and prepare them for the future. Each vision is subjected to a stress test before we explore its potential. In short sprints, we develop new prototypes and pilot promising business models. An overview of our current project portfolio is available here.

  • Mobility in a New Dimension.
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    Mobility in a New Dimension.

    As part of the Volocopter start-up, Lab1886 is promoting the development of innovative mobility products and services together with the expansion of the Daimler mobility portfolio in urban areas.

  • Augmented Reality meets car.
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    Augmented Reality meets car.

    The idea from the first US Incubator pilot with MBUSA is currently developed within Lab1886. The app prototype uses AR to educate drivers about in-car-features and enhances the experience in the car.

  • Vehicle Ownership of Tomorrow
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    Vehicle Ownership of Tomorrow

    Big yesterday, fast today, economical tomorrow – FlexStar Rent gives customers access to an exclusive fleet that is available 24/7 and tailored to their individual needs.

  • The car as a service hub.
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    The car as a service hub.

    From shopping, to getting the car washed or picking up packages: is a platform you can use to give service providers access to your vehicle. And it all takes place while you're at work or out with your friends.


The year 1886 represents a milestone in the history of mobility – the automobile is a disruptive invention that continues to change the world. Lab1886 links this legacy to the challenges of the future. For more than a decade, we have been developing innovative business models that go beyond cars. We generate ideas, accelerate them, and put them on the road – from car2go, to moovel and Mercedes-Benz energy storage. At Lab1886, the focus is on holistically rethinking mobility. We build groundbreaking business models and are always on the lookout for creative visionaries with an inventive spirit. Learn more

North America

Mobility stands for freedom. And there's no better place than the 'land of the free' to revolutionize this principle. Silicon Valley in California is the global epicenter of technological innovation. Located here for more than five years, Lab1886 serves as a key innovation driver. In close proximity to start-ups and breakthrough technologies, this is the perfect place to swiftly pilot and implement new ideas. Working at the cutting edge, we explore the roots of pioneering trends and develop services for the mobility of tomorrow. Learn more


Lab1886 expanded to Asia with its location in China. This reflects our aim to implement mobility innovations on a global scale. To meet the needs of this fast-growing market, Lab1886 pilots new products and digital business models in Beijing. A dynamic and flexible environment enables our team's pioneering spirit to fully unfold.


The STARTUP AUTOBAHN innovation platform launched by Daimler aims at joining forces with start-ups to quickly prototype innovative technologies and business models integrate them into the line. Learn more