About us

While some of you may have heard of taubenheim 13, it may be an unfamiliar name to others. But for us, it’s rooted deeply in our thoughts and actions as a symbol and source of inspiration. A journey back to the year 1883 reveals why taubenheim 13 is so important to us. We find ourselves on Taubenheimstrasse in Bad Cannstatt. Clattering sounds are issuing from a small structure on the grounds of the estate at number 13. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach are responsible for the racket. Here in the Daimler family’s shed turned workshop, the two inventors had a breakthrough with a plan they’d been working on day and night at a narrow wooden workbench. An invention that would revolutionize the world: the high-speed gasoline engine. Very few people believed in the feasibility of this vision at that time and many even labelled the two friends crazy. But the clattering sounds issuing from the small shed workshop on that fateful day proved those doubting Thomases wrong.

Could there possibly be a better reason than this to pay homage to our daily operations with taubenheim 13? With our website and social media channels, we want to bridge the gap between the present and our roots and reintroduce Gottlieb Daimler’s legacy in today’s world, which is why we at Business Innovation continue to pursue the workshop spirit of taubenheim 13. We, too, work tirelessly in our idea lab to implement visionary innovations – even if our desks are somewhat more comfortable than Daimler’s initial workbench.
What remains is the creativity, the tireless perseverance, and the courage with which we’re always looking for new areas of business, developing and implementing ideas, and launching these onto the market. Setbacks and failure are an important part of our learning process on our path to sustainable success. Each decision is evaluated in line with Gottlieb Daimler’s quality standards: “The best or nothing at all.” After all, there’s no other way to ensure that Daimler’s aspirations for perfection, elegance, and dynamism will live on in his brand. We therefore strive for new, groundbreaking ideas with an alert eye at all times, inspired by Gottlieb Daimler’s genius.