Three questions for Robert Wickens.

The DTM will get the second race weekend of the 2016 season
under way this weekend in Spielberg.

Change of scenery.

Rob, you have made a strong start to the season. What changed over the winter?

Robert Wickens: “Quite a lot, to be honest. Firstly, I swapped teams at HWA. While things were still okay with my old team, I simply needed a change of scenery. Secondly, we spent a great deal of time analysing all the things I did wrong last year. We found a few areas where I can improve my driving skills, plus, I’ve changed my approach to things.”

Just having fun.

In what respect?

Robert Wickens: “I always used to be a guy who liked to have fun, make jokes and always saw the positives in everything. I lost my carefree take on life last year by doggedly trying to succeed. I took everything too seriously, digging a hole for myself from which there was no escape. I’m now more like my old self, am much more relaxed in the way I tackle things and just want to have fun.”


But it’s not just your approach that you have changed, you have also taken a different tack where nutrition and exercise are concerned.

Robert Wickens: “Yes, that’s right. I pay a lot more attention to my diet. It’s not that I was particularly malnourished before, but since the winter, for example, I’ve stopped eating dairy products. I’ve lost three kilos and feel fitter as a result. In addition, I do yoga two or three times a week, which has also helped me to tackle things differently.”

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