Elegant and successful: Adam Scott.

Living the perfect legend: Adam Scott wins in Augusta.

It is the first time in history that an Australian has won the tournament.

Down Under upside down: Adam Scott wins the 2013 Masters.

It’s raining. The air is tense: This is the moment which will go down as the crucial seconds at the 2013 Masters in Augusta. All eyes are on a young well-built man. His name is Adam Scott. All of a sudden, he raises his arms in the rain. The look of joy on his face. And does his victory dance on the green. The previous tension finally falls completely apart when he hugs his caddie. The man in the rain is the winner of one of the most prestigious golf Masters Tournament in the world. In this competition , he has defeated Ángel Cabrera, has left Tiger Woods behind him, and has created a sensation on an entire continent: he’s the first Australian ever to win the Masters Tournament in Augusta.

A great moment for Adam Scott and Australia: Victory at the 2013 Masters in Augusta.

Radio stations in Australia have interrupted their regular program to broadcast the emotional news. There are spontaneous horn concerts on the roads. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, declares the day a historical moment for the country.

Winner's outfit: a Green Jacket for Australia.

And now the 2013 Masters. A dramatic victory: In the fourth round he birdied the 18th hole, entering into the play-offs against the Argentinian, Ángel Cabrera. At this point the rivals both had a score of 279. At the second hole of the sudden-death play-off Cabrera’s par lost to the Australian’s birdie. And the famous Green Jacket now had a new owner: Adam Scott. He dedicated the victory to his great inspiration, the Australian golfer, Greg Norman who never won the Masters. Greg Norman praised his young countryman, saying that he believes that Scott will win more majors than any other Australian golfer in history. Perfect legends simply write themselves. Mercedes-Benz is proud to be associated with such a talent.

Adam Scott is the first Australian to wear the Green Jacket.

The 32-year-old Scott is regarded as one of the most elegant golf players known for his perfect swing. Yet recently he has always been one step away from a major success, famously missing winning The Open Championship in 2012. Although he enjoyed success at the Australian Masters last December.

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