When Martin Kaymer gazes into the distance and sees a future with golf.

Martin Kaymer, the season of his life.

Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador, top golfer – and a true human being. A portrait.

One success story after another.

The Players Championship. The US Open 2014. The European Ryder Cup. What do the three professional golf tournaments have in common? Twenty-nine year-old Martin Kaymer from Düsseldorf, sinks one ball after another. “I’ve always believed I could do it,” admitted Kaymer after the Players Championship, his first major tournament title in two and a half years. “I knew I could win a golf championship again. It’s a very satisfying feeling. I’ve worked hard and in recent years I’ve been through lots of ups and downs. You can’t force things in golf.”

This was the start of an incredibly good season; Martin Kaymer swept the board: when he won the US Open, he was leading by nine holes before the end of the match and his huge lead proved the pundits wrong, who watched Kaymer take his second major title. At the Ryder Cup in Scotland in 2014, Kaymer played consistently well, hitting many fairways and greens and allowing Europe to take the title.

No doubt about it: Martin Kaymer was in control of events at the 2014 US Open.

Between football and golf.

When he was only three, Martin Kaymer used to be on the sports ground of the local TSV Metzkausen sports club. Seven years later, in the company of his father and his brother he discovered his passion for golf. Kaymer attended the Lore-Lorentz sports college in Düsseldorf, where he took the opportunity of combining education with golf and took part in all the major amateur tournaments. Martin Kaymer admitted: “Actually, I wanted to be a professional footballer. But at the age of fourteen or fifteen I was doing football practice three times a week, and golf practice three times too: it was just getting too much and I had to choose one sport.

Martin Kaymer analysing the green.

I finally plumped for an individual sport, to be my own boss and not dependent on others. If I make mistakes, then I’m on my own.” Kaymer first started seriously thinking about making golf his future when he was shortlisted in North Rhine Westphalia to go to Leverkusen. After finishing high school in 2005 he took the next major step in his career: Martin Kaymer became a professional golfer.

Martin Kaymer looks ahead confidently to the future – whether at home or far away, golf is his life.

An inhabitant of the Rhineland and a cosmopolitan.

He now flies all over the world from one championship to another, as for example to the “Nedbank Golf Challenge” in South Africa. New York, Shanghai, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Madrid – Kaymer lives a cosmopolitan life because he loves golf. He does most of his training in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. But the most enjoyable days on the golf course are the ones he spends with his father and his brother. As at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, which was the backdrop of a very special family week: with his father Horst as caddy and his brother as his opponent, the Saturday turned out to be one of the three very best days Kaymer had ever spent playing on a golf course. When he has a break between training sessions and tournaments, Martin Kaymer lives in his flat in the Rhineland and treats himself to sushi, his favourite food. Travelling comfortably is important to him in his free time too, which is why there are two Mercedes-Benz cars in his garage: an ML 63 AMG and a C 63 AMG.

Winning is all in the head.

“You decide in your head whether you’re going to win or lose,” says golf professional Martin Kaymer. He is under a lot of pressure before each championship. Particularly at the start of his career, Kaymer had some doubts – but his family always backed him up. “To help me, my brother went with me as caddy for the first championships, and neglected his law course. He really helped me to get established,” said Kaymer. Today he knows that what matters is mental strength, which many players lack. Not only is the will to win very important, but also willingness to make sacrifices and always be aware of what or who you are playing for.

Martin Kaymer after the shot.

Golf is now Martin Kaymer’s life and he couldn’t imagine being without it. His aspiration as a golf pro is constantly to take on new challenges. His training never stops. There are always techniques and nuances that he can improve. After winning the PGA Championship, Kaymer was dissatisfied with his swing, so he changed his stroke technique completely.

Martin Kaymer proudly presents the star on his chest.

Proud of the three-pointed star.

Getting better, going further, reaching the limits. Giving a spectacular performance in order to connect with people – those are all things that apply to both professional golfers and Mercedes-Benz. Kaymer became a Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador in 2014: “I am proud to be actively involved in the Mercedes Trophy, particularly on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. I am committed to supporting golf worldwide and making it even more popular. Of course, I am pleased to wear the Mercedes star on my chest, too.” In future, he will be taking part in many more golf tournaments with the aim of attracting even more people to golf.

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