The PGA Championship brings together the best players in the world. Mercedes-Benz was once again the Official Patron of this year’s event.

PGA Championship 2013.

Meet the best.
Consummate professional: Marcel Siem on the course.

Playing for perfection.

Outstanding performance does not come easily. People who achieve high standards every day know that long-term success is more than anything a question of attitude. In addition to fitness and health, handling pressure situations efficiently requires concentration and a focus on the things that matter. Self-confidence and positive communication skills are crucial to taking the positives from defeat and learning from mistakes. But what sounds like dogged hard work on the part of the individual is transformed into real satisfaction on the golf course. Few other sports promote these characteristics with the same measure of intensity and in such a playful environment. No other tournament embodies this unceasing search for perfection more than the PGA Championship.

Professionals battle it out on the fairway.

The first PGA Championship was held in 1916 in Bronxville, New York. Before this, golf was primarily a recreational activity pursued by wealthy amateurs. The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) aspired to establish a tournament that enabled professional golfers to play each other on an equal footing. Subsequently held every year in August, the competition quickly became the focal point of golf. The PGA Championship remains an inspiration for both experts and amateurs to this day. Being part of the tournament is an honour for golfers and sponsors alike: Mercedes-Benz has been the event’s proud Official Patron since 2010. The luxury automaker also provides the Championship’s Official Vehicle. This year, players and guests can look forward to a major highlight in the vehicle fleet – the new S-Class.

Staged for the 95th time in 2013, the international status of the PGA Championship has not dimished.

In a class of its own.

Bringing together the best players is the most effective way to achieve sustainable progress. Mercedes-Benz has applied this knowledge to developing the new S-Class:

The luxury saloon gives high performers the perfect space to focus on their creativity. Boasting the development highlights of Intelligent Drive, Efficient Technology and Essence of Luxury, the S-Class extends the boundaries of technology.

Adam Scott and the new S-Class.

Supreme performance on four wheels.

The new S-Class design exudes self-confidence. Its ATTENTION ASSIST system turns positive communication into a tangible experience by recognising when a well-deserved break is due. And to ensure that nobody is unsettled by a rocky road, MAGIC BODY CONTROL does an outstanding job: stereo cameras identify uneven surfaces quickly enough to deliver smooth travel on the most difficult roads. This makes it easier to focus on what’s important to you – especially when using the Business Console and COMAND Online. The AIR-BALANCE Package breathes new life into your thinking environment. And thanks to the ENERGIZING massage function, which operates according to the hot-stone principle, your well-being is never overlooked – since as we all know, the best ideas emerge from absolute relaxation.

Radiant beauty: the new S-Class.

Whether you’re heading for the golf course or somewhere completely different, the route is still decided by the people that matter.

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