• Mercedes-Benz PGA Championship: golf cup.

    PGA Championship: The fourth major of the season with Mercedes-Benz.

    As “Official Patron of the PGA of America” and “Official Vehicle of the PGA Championship”, Mercedes-Benz is supporting the fourth and final major of the current golf year.

New course, familiar terrain.

For the first time ever, the PGA Championship will be hosted at the Quail Hollow Club, near the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The last major of the season traditionally takes place at different golf courses. However, this premiere – which takes place from 10 to 13 August 2017 – will mean a return to familiar terrain for Rickie Fowler, Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador: He won his first title as a professional golfer here in 2012 during a regular PGA Tour tournament.

Mercedes-Benz PGA Championship: Rickie Fowler golf court.
  • Mercedes-Benz PGA Championship: parking spaces with car fleet.

Mobility for players, officials and guests.

As “Official Vehicle of the PGA Championship”, Mercedes-Benz is providing players, officials and guests with mobility during the tournament. To this end, an impressive fleet of vehicles will be made available to the parties during the week of the event. Thus all trips will be handled elegantly and safely, whether from the airport to the hotel, the golf course to the restaurant, the

fitness studio to the club house, or any other individual route. A separate and exclusive car park with 350 parking spaces is available for Mercedes-Benz owners who are travelling in their vehicle to the PGA Championship at the Quail Hollow Club. Contacting a local Mercedes-Benz dealer in a timely manner is all that is required in order to gain access.

Mercedes-Benz PGA Championship: Rickie Fowler potoshooting.

The PGA Championship on social media.

During the PGA Championship, golf and automotive fans can watch a variety of exclusive content at and Active participation is best facilitated by using the hashtags #PGAChamp, #PerfectDrive and #MBGolf.