The Open Championship is not only the oldest, but also the most prestigious and dynamic golf tournament in the world.

The Open Championship 2013.

Tradition completely in keeping with the times.

A wine jug for the winner.

1856 was a particularly special year: both for the history of the United Kingdom and for the history of international golf. It was the year in which the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland had the idea of holding an open championship. It should happen yearly and alternate between different courses. On headlands which unite the sea and fertile arable land. However, it took a further four years before the first tournament could take place. The prize back then was a leather belt bearing a silver buckle. Willie Park Senior took home the prize in 1860 with 174 strokes. He had no idea at that point that he would go down in the annals as being the first winner of one of the future’s most prestigious golfing tournaments worldwide.

Winner of the 2012 Championship, Ernie Els, was chauffeur-droven in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class to this year's ceremonial handing over of the traditional

Thirteen years later, an equally important event came in the form of the winner's belt being replaced by the 'Claret Jug'. At the time simply a replica of a wine carafe, this silver challenge cup has since become the most coveted accolade in golf.

Adam Scott in Muirsfield.

Living history.

“We owe the entire history of golf to the Open Championship. This tournament is like no other in that it is all about the game with which we are all so in love: golf!”, as last year’s winner, Ernie Els, forthrightly admitted. He won the “Claret Jug” in 2012. It’s now time for this much-treasured trophy to change owners once again. Even Adam Scott, winner of the 2013 Masters, finds the ambience of the Open Championship incomparable to anything else. What makes this event so special is the coming together of worthy amateurs with world-renowned professional golfers. In the unusual dune landscape of the Links course, the flexibility and observation skills of the participants will be particularly challenged as the winds here are strong and change in a somewhat surprising manner. The on-looking fans are also known to be amongst the most golf-competent and demanding of audiences worldwide.

E-Class for the A league.

For the third time, Mercedes-Benz was this year’s proud “Official Patron of The Open Championship”. With a total of 100 vehicles, the brand full of automotive tradition saw to it that not only the golfers themselves, but also the guests didn’t have to miss out on any of the tournament’s exclusivity when moving from hole to hole. The E-Class was par for the course – much to the satisfaction of Adam Scott. Besides the elegantly sweeping lines and creative strokes, Scott – who incidentally is known for his penchant for design – was particularly taken aback by the very agile models of the new E-Class model series.

Even the driving services at the Open Championship are carried out by the best: the E-Class from Mercedes-Benz.

'Mercedes-Benz shares just the same passion for perfection as I do', explained the golfer with a smile on his face as one of the vehicles rolled by.

The Open Championship 2013 in pictures.

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