• Mercedes-Benz: Laureus Awards 2017 – Dieter Zetsche in the middle of a crowd of a team.

    Mercedes-Benz & Laureus Sport for Good.

    Dr. Dieter Zetsche takes part in a huddle with students during the Laureus Project Visit at Urban Dove Charter School in Brooklyn, New York.

Sport has the power to change the world!

Across the world, there are far too many children and young people disadvantaged due to their background or external circumstances. Children who have never been given the chance to develop their full potential or make a start towards a successful future. Our children are the very foundation on which the societies of tomorrow will be built and Mercedes-Benz is convinced that every human being has the potential to change the world for the better, help shape the future, take control of their own life and have a positive influence on others. To help the young people uncover their full potential, Mercedes-Benz supports them through physical activity. With its unifying and inspiring power sport can give people hope where there was previously only despair. Sport helps people to stay active, break down barriers and rise above their circumstances – encouraging belief in themselves and their own abilities. In this sense, sport really has the power to change the world.

Mercedes-Benz: Laureus World Sports Awards 2017 – Sport for Good Indigo Youth Movement.

Sport has the power to change the world. Mercedes-Benz is supporting the Indigo Youth Movement project in South Africa.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche in conversation with participants in the Sport for Good project Up2Us Sports at the Urban Dove Team Charter School in New York, USA.

The involvement of Mercedes-Benz.

The involvement with Laureus began 17 years ago and encompasses everything in which Mercedes-Benz believes. Together, all Laureus partners are committed to offering disadvantaged young people a prospect for their future through sport, enabling them to identify their personal strengths and learn how to get the best out of their abilities. Laureus and Mercedes-Benz complement each other, because they both believe in the power of passion, determination and perseverance. Laureus imparts these qualities to young disadvantaged people through the medium of sport. Both enrich the lives of millions of young people, because, to change the world, we need to keep moving.

We are Laureus.

The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is currently funding over 100 projects in 35 countries that fight against violence and discrimination, including world wide social sports projects with the goal of combating conflict and violence in particular. Mercedes-Benz supports the Foundation not only financially, but above all on a highly personal level. For example, members of the company’s Board of Management have become patrons of various projects all over the world. The Laureus World Sports Academy with over 60 of the greatest sports personalities of all time and 180 celebrity ambassadors regularly attend the sports projects to motivate children and young people within sport and to give the projects public attention and recognition.

Mercedes-Benz: Laureus World Sports Awards – Indigo Youth Movement.

Mercedes-Benz on a visit to Indigo Youth Movement in South Africa, one of the 100 projects it sponsors around the world.