Since the year 2000, the Laureus World Sports Awards have been presented for outstanding performance in sport.

Nomination as the “Laureus World Team of the Year”.

An interview with Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff.

The successful MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Nomination as the “Laureus World Team of the Year”.

The MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team has been nominated in the “Laureus World Team of the Year” category. This year’s Laureus World Sports Awards ceremony takes place on 15th April in Shanghai. In exclusive interviews with Laureus, Toto Wolff, the Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsports, and the two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, look back on the past racing season and discuss the importance of the nomination for a Laureus World Sports Award.

2014 – an exceptional year.

With its exceptional drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS won the constructor’s standings for the first time. The team has taken the title three races before the end of the season. During the course of the season, Hamilton won 11 races and Rosberg five. The two drivers finished 11 races with one driver in first place and one in second place.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton celebrated numerous wins, like the one here at the Australian Grand Prix.

“2014 was an exceptional year. Winning both championships and 16 races in one season is truly something we can be proud of”, says Toto Wolff, reviewing the past year.

The Silver Arrow on the racetrack.

The best car in Formula One.

The runner-up world champion, Nico Rosberg, enjoys looking back on the last season: “The Silver Arrow was by far the best car in Formula One. It had the best chassis, the best engine and very good handling on the track. I felt very comfortable in the car and that is why it was always a joy to achieve all of the good results.”

Exceptional team performance.

The world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is also nominated as the “Laureus World Sportsman of the Year” and discusses the past year: “I believe that 2014 was definitely one of the best if not the best year of my career. Looking back, it was an outstanding year: the team truly worked as a team and together we did a great job with the car. In 2013 that was almost unimaginable. But this year we want to be even better, we want to dominate even more.”

Lewis Hamilton, winner of the Australian Grand Prix 2015.
Nico Rosberg, Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton also get on very well away from the racetrack.

The hard work pays off.

Toto Wolff: “To be nominated as the best sports team of the year by sporting journalists from all over the world is something that we are proud of. It shows that all of our hard work has paid off.” And Nico Rosberg adds: “But it will be difficult for us because naturally the German soccer team is also nominated – and what they achieved was absolutely phenomenal. But who knows. We also had a great year and it is definitely possible.”

Tackling problems through sport.

The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation addresses the problems facing children and young adults worldwide through sport. Currently, the foundation sponsors more than 150 social sport projects around the world – and the number is constantly rising. Since being established, the foundation has collected donations worth more than 60 million euros.

The Laureus Foundation sponsors sporting projects for children and young adults all over the world.

The foundation has supported more than 1.5 million children and young adults aged between eight and 18 years worldwide.

Discipline, dedication and teamwork.

Nico Rosberg: “I know how much my life has benefited from sport and how much it has contributed to my entire development. Discipline, ambition, dedication, teamwork, learning to work with people and respect for others – and all of this from sport. That is why I find Laureus’ work so important. I am very happy to be able to support it.”

Nico Rosberg, ambassador of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, at the 2014 award ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

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