The prize is a true honour for each individual winner.

The award-winning ceremony of the Laureus Media Prize 2014.

Mesut Özil and Jens Lehmann were awarded the Laureus Media Prize 2014.

The award ceremony was held for the tenth time.

For the tenth time now, the Laureus Media Prize was bestowed in honour of good sports journalism, both reporting and journalistic initiatives, to individuals and organisations who have shown outstanding social dedication in the field of sports and made a valuable contribution to the Laureus idea. To mark the anniversary, the award of the major Media Award for social commitment in sport was first held in Berlin on the evening of the BAMBI Awards. So this meant for the city of politics and of media: Media Award meets Media Award. The daily newspaper Mannheimer Morgen was awarded the “Laureus Media Prize 2014: Spirit of Laureus” for its wide-ranging commitment in the category of print media. SPORT1 and were each awarded the “Spirit of Laureus” in the television and online categories respectively, for exceptional commitment in their reporting on Laureus.

The winners were smiling, because they knew they had changed the world through sports.
Dr. Jens Thiemer is confident that Laureus projects will continue to help people in the future.

About dedication and commitment.

“‘Sport has the power to change the world’ – these words by Nelson Mandela have become a mission and reflect the philosophy behind the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation. It is wonderful to see the huge commitment with which journalists convey this Laureus thinking. It is only this commitment that is able to bring about the lasting success of Laureus and particularly of the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation,” said Dr. Jens Thiemer, Laureus CEO and Head of Marketing Communications, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The most socially valuable sports project was selected.

The social sports project “High Five e.V.” was awarded the “Laureus Media Prize 2014: Social Sports Project”. High Five e.V. is a charity which aims to support the social and sporting development of underprivileged children and young people. The charity’s purpose is to improve integration and social skills by means of workshops and it is aimed largely at children and young people between the ages of eight and sixteen. The aim is to strengthen the young people’s independence, creativity and cognitive skills through the medium of sports.

At the same time, a spirit of tolerance, respect and common purpose should be established. This award was bestowed in the categories of “Spirit of Laureus”; the majority of the Laureus jury, including Franz Beckenbauer, Verena Bentele, Ole Bischof, Fredi Bobic, Sabine Christiansen, Jens Lehmann and Axel Schulz, voted. Also, Laureus Germany gave two honorary awards.

An honorary award for Mesut Özil.

The honorary award for charity went to the German national player and world champion Mesut Özil for his outstanding social commitment after the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He donated most of his World Cup prize money to the “BigShoe” organisation. The money went to support the hospital in the city of Coroatá in Brazil, where surgeons operate on children, particularly those suffering from cleft lip and palate. The prize money donated by Mesut Özil meant that 23 operations were carried out, thus making a lasting and considerable improvement to the lives of children.

Mesut Özil is thrilled – his donation went to support a hospital in Brazil, enabling children to have an operation.

This relief effort has made Mesut Özil a fine example for professional football, showing how important it is to take one’s social responsibility seriously and use one's network and financial potential to improve the lives of children and young people via sports.

Jens Lehmann has supported girls in football – in the aim of more integration in the world of sports.

The prize for the greatest social contribution: Jens Lehmann.

The Laureus Media Prize 2014 for the greatest commitment to Laureus went to Laureus ambassador Jens Lehmann for his outstanding contribution as the patron of Laureus Kicking Girls. “I am delighted about this award. Social commitment is a matter of course for me, and my work for Laureus is something I feel passionately about. Of course, I care particularly about the girls’ football project called ‘Kicking Girls’, which I, as Laureus ambassador and patron, support. In my active career, I myself have experienced that on the football pitch it makes no difference what the colour of your skin is, which country you come from or which religion you believe in. What counts is the team spirit. And that is exactly what Laureus conveys in its projects: sport has the power to change the world,” said Jens Lehmann.

“Sport is more – show us your sporting moment.”

Also, the “Laureus Media Prize: Social Media” was awarded in the categories of photo and video. In a joint Facebook project launched by Laureus and Focus Online, people submitted photos and videos over a period of two and a half months to convey this year’s motto visually: “Sport is more – show us your sporting moment”. The prize in the “Photo” category went to Rainer Krugmann and Thomas Goepfert won the “Video” category. All in all, more than 200 invited guests attended the award ceremony at the Berlin Grand Hyatt Hotel, including Franz Beckenbauer, Mesut Özil, Maria Höfl-Riesch, Fredi Bobic, Jens Lehmann, Franziska Knuppe, Verena Bentele, Ole Bischof, Stefan Blöcher, Martin Braxenthaler, Felix Gottwald, Sabine Christiansen, Christa Kinshofer, Axel Schulz, Michael Teuber and Kathi Wörndl.

The room is full of happy faces – for many people, giving is a deeply satisfying experience.

The musical highlight of the evening was the German singer Finn Martin. Mercedes-AMG supported the Laureus Media Prize for the sixth time running. The new Mercedes-AMG GT S Edition 1 sports car was a popular photo motif on the blue carpet.

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