The top-level athlete Timo Bracht has turned his passion into his job: triathlon.

Crossing boundaries: Timo Bracht, triathlete.

The professional sportsman talks about his beginnings, motivation and his love of the sport. A portrait.

The V-Class, the ultimate training companion.

A heavy curtain of cloud closes the early summer morning sky in Eberbach am Neckar and suggests pleasant daytime temperatures. Optimal weather conditions for Timo Bracht to devote the day to intensive training. Water droplets run down his face as he climbs out of the Neckar river. With two kilometres of swimming behind him, 100 kilometres of cycling still await him. Without allowing himself to take a break, he heads towards his V-Class and once inside it changes out of his wetsuit and into his cycling outfit. Due to its flexible and generous amount space inside, the V-Class is his optimal training companion. In a few easy steps he takes his racing bike out of the boot and the triathlon training can continue.

The V-Class V 250 BlueTEC is the ultimate training companion for triathlete Timo Bracht.

Fuel consumption combined: 6.1-5.7 l/100 km; CO₂-emissions combined: 159-149 g/km.*

On the road to his training with the V-Class V 250 BlueTEC. The professional triathlete trains hard in order to constantly improve his sporting performance.

Fuel consumption combined: 6.1-5.7 l/100 km; CO₂-emissions combined: 159-149 g/km.*

In his element.

Whether in water, on land or on his bike – the triathlete Timo Bracht is in his element everywhere. No adversity can take him away from this concept, no challenge appears insurmountable. Quite the contrary: hurdles allow him to grow, give him drive and spur him on.

In the past ten years as a professional triathlete, Timo Bracht has achieved great success. His mental strength, years of experience in competitive sports, his ambition and peak physical condition make him stand out and allow him to reach new heights with every competition.

More than just a sport.

The starting shot to his success story came 20 years ago when the sports scientist took part in his first triathlon in 1993 in Schwaigern, Baden-Württemberg. The fact that a combination of many different skills is required for a triathlon fascinated Timo Bracht from the beginning. The triathlon is more than just a sport: “More than swimming, cycling or running. The triathlon is also a journey to new challenges and an opportunity to learn more about yourself.” As well as being in peak physical condition, mental strength also plays a decisive role; he has to gather enough strength again and again in order to go beyond his physical limits.

The triathlon is more than just a sport. In addition to swimming, running and cycling, he also needs the mental strength to overcome physical and mental limits time and time again.

'It's also a bit of an adventure that you are always letting yourself in for; continually surpassing yourself. Getting to the top of the mountain and then coming back down – those are the great moments.' Timo Bracht started his professional sporting career in 2003. In the same year he was rewarded with one of his most important sporting achievements: first place in the Ironman France competition.

For Timo Bracht, his family is an important place of retreat in order to gain new strength.

The family man.

Every day in Timo Bracht’s life is a new adventure. The training sessions on the cycling or running track and the various venues take the high-performance athlete to numerous countries and confront him with different seasons and weather conditions. “It feels very different cycling in the 40-degree heat of the desert compared to a wintry five degrees in hail showers over the mountains at home.” These experiences, which never become routine in the sportsman’s daily life also have their price. The 39-year-old professional triathlete is separated from his wife and two children for a few weeks each year. This makes the time they spend together in their home in Eberbach or on holiday so much more precious. Such breaks allow him to wind down and regain his strength for future competitions.

With ambition to the magic moments.

The expectations are high, his ambition is enormous: „I am one of those, who like the pressure in critical racing moments. The will of winning or doing your best has to be a strong desire”, accents Timo Bracht – by looking forward and with a clear imagination about what he wants to reach. He appreciates about Triathlon the honesty of this sport, which forces every athlete to be responsible for their success or failure. Timo Bracht let his passion become a job and is proud of always being able to do one’s own thing.

The V-Klasse V 250 BlueTEC accompanies the triathlete to his training places.

Fuel consumption combined: 6.1-5.7 l/100 km; CO₂-emissions combined: 159-149 g/km.*

Disciplined training, sporting records and the strong will to grow will be rewarded with worldwide successes. There’s no prospect of an end: The unforgettable winning moments, or the awesome feeling of having surpassed his adduced achievement one more time, are too precious.

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