The Mercedes-Benz V-Class Team looks back on a successful season.

Endurance and precision – the highlights of the 2016 IRONMAN season.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class Team looks back on a successful season.

Season kick-off on Majorca.

During the last pleasant days of late summer, the European IRONMAN season comes to an end. Some of the world’s most famous races attracted thousands of fans, helpers and competitors. Athletes went beyond their limits to win the coveted titles. Although everyone competed for and against themselves, team spirit also played an important role. Sharing experience is highly important, especially in the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Team. The athletes not only compete in some races as a team, but also prepared for the season as a group at the training camp on Majorca. On the largest Balearic island, the team was able to focus on one shared goal: a successful 2016 season.

The V-Class Team prepared for the 2016 IRONMAN season together at their training camp on Majorca.

The V-Class was a reliable member of the team and served the athletes as both transport and mobile changing area.

Sebastian Kienle triumphed in Frankfurt, winning the 2016 European Champion title.

Hard training pays off.

The athletes left Majorca to compete in the season, prepared for top performance. The hard training paid off: Anja Beranek won in Kraichgau over the middle distance und Sebastian Kienle won the European Champion title in Frankfurt after a grueling neck-and-neck race with the second placed Andreas Böcherer. This year’s season concluded with another highlight – the world championship on Hawaii. Five of the V-Class team athletes competed in the event. Kienle battled his way to 2nd place, Anja Beranek was fourth followed closely by Finnish athlete Kaisa Lehtonen.

Support from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz not only offered the athletes but also the viewers at the races a comprehensive programme. The #SPORTSGARAGE provided fans and athletes with a chance to meet, to participate in interactive activities and also to obtain information about the current V-Class along with the Marco Polo vehicle range. At the European championship in Frankfurt, fans also had the opportunity to view the race on the power wall, a massive video screen.

Looking back on a successful year also motivates all of the athletes to work even harder. Indeed, the end of the season already marks the beginning of the preparations for 2017.

As part of the #SPORTSGARAGE, Mercedes-Benz attended selected races with a variety of different campaigns and activities.


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