IRONMAN victory in Frankfurt: The European Champion drives V-Class.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class team member Sebastian Kienle wins in Frankfurt und and is the new IRONMAN European Champion 2016.


Sebastian Kienle is visibly exhausted as he crosses the finish line at the 15th IRONMAN Frankfurt. 3.8 km swimming, 180 km bike racing, 42.2 km running: He has nearly eight hours behind him, always close to his personal limit. But the effort has paid off: After his last title in 2014 Kienle is IRONMAN European Champion for the second time. The German pro-triathlete mastered the 226 km long race in 7:52:43 hours and not only assures himself the attendance at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, he even is one of the favourites for the title.

Pursuit at the marathon.

Not until the bike race Kienle is able to take the first place. Virtually at the same time he and Andreas Böcherer – who is right behind him on the second place – change to the marathon. Until the very end Kienle fights a tough duel with second-placed Böcherer who starts a pursuit at the marathon. Kienle is able to mobilise his last power reserves and wins the race with a minute ahead. “I feel like I have just been knocking on heaven’s door”, he says about the finale of the nearly eight hour long race.

After he was second winner behind Jan Frodeno in last year's race, Kienle returns to the top of European triathlon with this year's victory.

Winning with a strong partner.

Mercedes-Benz again is the official automotive partner of this year's IRONMAN European Tour and supplies V-Classes for shuttle and support services. Like the current European champion also other athletes benefit from the comfort of the V-Class.

Additionally the visitors at IRONMAN Frankfurt were able to inform themselves about the vehicle offerings by Mercedes-Benz at the Sportsgarage booth and watch the whole race live on the Powerwall.

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