The new V-Class is the perfect vehicle for triathletes and sportspersons with special space requirements and high demands both professionally and privately.

The new V-Class is in the race at the IRONMAN.

Mercedes-Benz is extending its involvement in the ultimate endurance sport.

Fuel consumption combined: 6.0-5.7 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 159-149 g/km. *

For triathletes like Till Schenk, 30 kilometres are just a

A strong partner for those with iron will.

Daybreak on Mallorca. A young man, soaked with sweat, is doing stretching exercises. People like him call the 30-kilometre run that he has just completed 'short training': Till Schenk is a triathlete. The goal that he is preparing for is one of the hardest competitions in the world: the IRONMAN. 3.86 kilometres swimming.

180.2 kilometres cycling, 42.195 kilometres running. Without a break. Only sportsmen and women who knowingly push themselves to the limit – and even further – are equal to the challenge. However, this year the IRONMAN European Tour doesn't just have strong athletes but also strong partners: Mercedes-Benz and the new V-Class.

Endurance partners.

This year, the involvement of Mercedes-Benz in the IRONMAN European Tour includes nine races in eight countries. The starting shot will sound on 17 May 2014 on Lanzarote. Further competitions will be held in France, Denmark, Germany and Austria, to name but a few places. The IRONMAN European Tour is thus the most comprehensive and best-known long-distance triathlon series in Europe. It brings the myth of the competition founded on Hawaii and the world’s hardest athletes to the heart of Europe where they compete in the water and on the road. Behind the scenes, the secret star on the asphalt is an automotive all-rounder: the new V-Class.

The secret star in the background: The new V-Class.
The youngest and largest member of the Mercedes-Benz passenger car family is the ideal vehicle for all those who appreciate spaciousness but don't want to compromise on style and comfort.

MPV for winners.

Flexibility, performance and endurance are just as much qualities of the new MPV as efficient energy management and the highest safety standards. Just like the triathletes the new V-Class boasts a sporting peak performance. The top-of-the-range V 250 BlueTEC develops 140 kW (190 hp), achieves a maximum torque of 440 newton metres and manages the sprint from zero to one hundred in only 9.1 seconds. And all that with a fuel consumption of only 6.0 litres per 100 kilometres. The interior of the Mercedes-Benz provides numerous seating arrangements to suit any requirement. The MVP for families is thus transformed into the perfect vehicle for athletes and their sports equipment with a few simple steps. The versatility of the new V-Class is also demonstrated all year round at the IRONMAN European Tour in the vehicle’s role as a support and shuttle vehicle.

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