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    Mercedes-Benz Axle Systems.

    Reliable Axles for every application.

Overview Mercedes-Benz Axle Systems.

Our product range consists of axle systems for commercial vehicles and buses. This product range is highly suitable for nearly all commercial categories; from off road vehicles through to buses, in urban areas or overland, from delivery to heavy trucks. We use our customers' experience, their requirements and demands as an essential precondition in development and technology of new axle concepts. Our innovative state of the art engineering and our quality driven plants gives our axles outstanding performance.

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain offers outperforming and individual engineered aggregates - engine systems, transmission systems and axles - each will provide our customers with the highest durability and quality at the same time. Together, they compose an even more sophisticated, technologically advanced and with regards to fuel efficiency, unbeatable powertrain.

About us

We focus on the ideal support of our customers. Our challenge is to offer our customers an individual solution through individual adaptions and further developments of our unique products. Thus our slogan is 'Engineered with you!'

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