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Installation consultancy.

Our experts will help you to select the right engine, components, and additional equipment, to create an engineered solution that suits your application specific requirements, no matter how tough the conditions. A result of the coordination of the scope of supply is the virtual model of our aggregates. Hence a virtual installation check is possible for our customers and a successful series assembly process is guaranteed. The installation check operated by our experts is a useful asset for our collaboration and examines, if requirements of technical documentation were considered. In this way customers of our customers are as safe as possible and as long as possible on the road with aggregates of Mercedes-Benz. Closely collaborating with our customers and considering their needs for further developments of our portfolio is the basis for the extension of praxis oriented installations.

Customer training.

Our trainings are introduced through first information by our application engineers for our customers’ application engineers. Before series supply our offer ranges from documentation, in paper form or online, to personal electronic trainings. Further individual trainings guarantee that necessary expert knowledge in the field of maintenance is taught according our standards.

Spare parts supply.

We will ensure spare parts remain available for many years after your initial investment. The quality level and reliability of our spare parts meet the same high standards that are set with our engine systems. This promise means lasting protection of your capital investment in our engine systems.


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Mercedes-Benz Powertrain

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain offers outperforming and individual engineered aggregates - engine systems, transmission systems and axles - each will provide our customers with the highest durability and quality at the same time. Together, they compose an even more sophisticated, technologically advanced and with regards to fuel efficiency, unbeatable powertrain.

About us

We focus on the ideal support of our customers. Our challenge is to offer our customers an individual solution through individual adaptions and further developments of our unique products. Thus our slogan is 'Engineered with you!'

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