Fitness, Freedom and Family: Benedikt Böhm and the Marco Polo.

Benedikt Böhm, extreme mountaineer and CEO of DYNAFIT, and his family test the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo on a trip to Mont Blanc.
Benedikt Böhm’s skis and sports equipment fit perfectly into the luggage space of the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo.

Aiming high since childhood.

Extreme sportsman, businessman, author, husband and father – Benedikt Böhm leads a life that is likely to be much more varied than most. Yet, he doesn’t like to make compromises – the 38-year-old has been at the top of his game since the age of ten. “It’s not ambition that drives me, it’s much more the love for this sport and the constant desire to keep moving in a peaceful, balanced and secluded world,” he says. Today, as an extreme mountaineer, Böhm has been conquering eight-thousanders, such as the Manaslu in Nepal, in his free time… and he does so as quick as a flash! He recounts his experiences in Nepal in his first book, entitled “Im Angesicht des Manaslu” (Facing Manaslu – only available in German).

DYNAFIT x Mercedes-Benz.

Even during the working day, Böhm completes a tough training program – the Alps, which aren’t far away from Munich, where the speed climber lives, can be scaled in just 3½ hours, with the return journey undertaken on skis. On average, he chalks up 7,000 kilometres of altitude per week.

A glance at the interior of the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo – Benedikt Böhm on the mountain passes around Chamonix.

His years of experience as a top-level sportsman and his international management studies in England and the US are the perfect combination for his current job as CEO of the DYNAFIT outdoor ski brand. Just as is the case for Mercedes-Benz, DYNAFIT makes no compromises where quality is concerned.

Veronika Böhm, Baltasar and Kasimir read a book while coffee brews on the gas hob inside the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo.

Family, Work, Training.

You could be excused for thinking that someone who has such a demanding job and an even more demanding hobby would be single, but Benedikt Böhm is actually a dedicated family man. He has known his wife, Veronika, since childhood. They have two sons – Baltasar, five, and Kasimir, two. When selecting the correct car for his lifestyle, there are so many things Böhm must take into consideration – it seems that the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo is the perfect choice! It unites quality, spaciousness, variety and most importantly the three things which mean the most to him: family, work and training.

Marco Polo in the mountains.

Mercedes-Benz invites Benedikt Böhm and his family to test the quality of the Marco Polo in the perfect surroundings: Chamonix. Böhm has trained countless times in this village at the foot of Mont Blanc in France and, therefore, already feels quite at home here. The family starts its day with a short test drive in the Marco Polo, exploring the mountain passes that surround Chamonix.

The Marco Polo also works well off-road – the Böhms make themselves comfortable parked on a forest path with view of Mont Blanc.

Next to the Mercedes-Banz Marco Polo, the Böhm family takes breakfast outdoors in the lush countryside.

Breakfast with a view.

Not only can the Marco Polo’s luggage space accommodate Benedikt Böhm’s skis and other sports equipment, a camping table and chairs also fit nicely, meaning he and his family can breakfast outside and take in the breathtaking mountain scenery. Coffee brews away nicely on the Marco Polo’s gas hob while Baltasar and Kasimir jump around on the seats and build dens under the vehicle’s pop-up roof.

After breakfast, Böhm begins his training while his wife and children make themselves comfortable on a picnic blanket. “I’m very grateful for my talent and would like to make the best of it. The satisfaction and happiness that the mountains and my sporting progress trigger in me is something I wish everyone could experience. My belief is that it’s never too late to start down this path,” writes Böhm in his book.

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