• The Marco Polo camper van from Mercedes-Benz drives through the Austrian Alps beneath the blue sky.

    Discovering the Alps with the Marco Polo.

    Is it time to escape the city and clear your head? We recommend a spontaneous journey into the outdoors – into the Austrian Alps, for example. The Marco Polo sets out for Lake Fernstein near Innsbruck.

    Photos: Kai Knörzer

The feeling of absolute freedom.

Sometimes you simply have to escape from the hectic pace of the city and get outdoors. The mountains are the perfect place. Our young couple’s spontaneous adventure takes them along a narrow Alpine Road in Allgäu. With every kilometre that the Marco Polo travels closer to Innsbruck, the landscape becomes more picturesque. The young woman carefully opens the window and enjoys the wind blowing through her hair. She smiles, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath: the mountain air smells like freedom. The day-to-day stresses are already forgotten before the two have even reached their destination: the crystal-clear waters of Lake Fernstein, directly on the Fern Pass in Reutte.

A woman sits in a Marco Polo driving through the green countryside and looks over at the driver.
A woman and a man sit in the brightly lit interior of the Marco Polo from Mercedes-Benz.

Marco Polo: Perfect companion for spontaneous adventures.

The spacious camper van from Mercedes-Benz agilely makes its way along winding roads. It turns off onto a small forest road. The Marco Polo handles the rough terrain without any problems. Thanks to its powerful engine, the camper van also tackles the steep ascent effortlessly. The forest road ends in an idyllic Alpine clearing near Lake Fernstein, the perfect place to stop for a break.

Immersion in idyllic nature.

The Alps in northern Tyrol show their sunny side. The man leans his hands against the side of the Marco Polo. His curious gaze moves back and forth. He soaks up the forest’s incredible green, yellow and red sprays of colour bathed in the golden light of the shining sun. The couple walks the final steps through the clearing on foot. A unique view opens up before the couple. The dense, lush green forest winds around the sides of the imposing Alpine mountain chains. In the valley below, Lake Fernstein reflects the midday sun. Next to the Tyrol mountain lake, the amazing towers of Fernstein castle bear witness to this magical location’s rich history.

The lake’s turquoise waters reflect the castle towers and the towering mountains of the Alps in the background. In the Marco Polo’s high-quality kitchen, the young woman quickly makes a warm cup of tea for a small picnic in the forest. The couple sits comfortably on the camper van’s loading surface with the rear hatch open and silently listen to nature’s quiet song: the soft whispering of the wind and from far away the sound of a chuckling mountain brook. This is the sound of freedom.

A man and a woman stand close to each other next to the green-tinted water of Fernsteinsee. Forests and snowy mountains can be seen in the background.

Breath-taking beauty: Lake Fernstein in Austria.

Now the actual adventure finally starts: the couple wants to immerse themselves in this breathtaking and idyllic nature. Literally. A few minutes later, the two are ready. Dressed in their diving gear, they experience the stillness of the underwater world of the Lake Fernstein with its innumerable fish, bizarre trees and crystal-clear water. This is an incomparable experience in a completely different world. The lake’s water is only 7 °C. The cold conditions make diving strenuous. That is why the couple hurries back to the Marco Polo. The young woman takes a rest on the camper van’s soft comfort recliner while her boyfriend effortlessly stows away their diving gear in the spacious cupboards of the Mercedes-Benz before he heads outside to build a fire.

A comfortable night’s sleep in the roof bed.

The couple spends a few hours by the camp fire, looking back on the day and enjoying nature’s peace and quiet. Happy and satisfied at the end of the day, they go to sleep in the Marco Polo’s comfortable bed. Tomorrow, the next adventure awaits. The pre-Alpine natural paradise of Reutte near Innsbruck is the perfect place for hiking.

A man and a woman sit beneath a blanket in front of a small campfire. In the background you can see a Marco Polo with the roof bed extended.