The IAA 2015 exhibition stage of Mercedes-Benz at the IAA 2015.

#MBIAA15: Night at the IAA.

Specially selected photographers were chosen to stay one night in the Mercedes-Benz exhibition hall at the IAA 2015. The result: unique photos of the Mercedes-Benz stars.

Photos: GFWilliams, Stefan Bischoff
A Mercedes-Benz vehicle from a bird’s eye view.

The cosmos aligned.

Every two years a visit to Frankfurt/ Main is a must for fans of Mercedes-Benz. With around 100 vehicles covering more than 9,000 square metres, Mercedes-Benz offered a wealth of stunning highlights and marvels of technology at the International Motor Show 2015 (IAA), which attracted thousands of visitors every day. But what happens when the crowds disappear and the night settles over the terrain? With the help of six photographers and a social media team we are sharing this extraordinary experience of what it is like to spend a night in the Mercedes-Benz Hall.

Stars at night.

What was shared by thousands of visitors on countless cameras during the day, was explored down to the finest detail by a select few at night. The new stars of the Mercedes-Benz family – the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet – enchanted visitors with their presence and were seen as the highlights of the IAA 2015.

They were true eye-catchers for every photographer and left a lasting impression in every car enthusiast’s heart.

A close encounter with the world champion.

Top-class aerodynamic technology: the allure of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) lies in its Cd value of 0.19, which is the lowest in the world and makes the vehicle a bona fide champion. Participants had the unique opportunity to capture this vehicle on camera without having to squeeze through the crowds. This resulted in some very unique photos. The vehicles weren’t the only stars of the night. Participants were given access to the AMG Lounge which is generally reserved for members only. Not only that, but they were also given access to the stage and everything located behind it.

Rear view of the Mercedes-Benz

An impression of the exceptional atmosphere at the IAA can be gained below thanks to a 360-degree tour of discovery.*

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