In the current exhibition

Night time at Europa-Park.

Mercedes-Benz enables car photographers and bloggers to experience the cars of the performance brand AMG in a special light.
Photo: Mario Klemm
Mercedes-Benz invites visitors to an exclusive event at Europa Park.

Photo: Stasijevic Igor

Appeal for adults and children.

Europa-Park near Rust in south-west Germany has been greatly fascinating adults and children alike ever since it opened in 1975: visitors are taken on a very special type of journey. The park is separated into different zones representing different countries and offers scenery lovingly and elaborately created, with country themes that whisk visitors into a world of different cultures and holiday dreams, whilst offering up a true feeling of adventure. In the evenings, after dusk, when the gates have closed and the last visitors have left the theme park, it radiates a very special atmosphere. The muted light of the backdrops and the quiet atmosphere of the park create a feeling as if the figures were about to come to life at any moment. Mercedes-Benz invited selected visitors to a very special event in this fantastic world.

When dreams come true.

For twenty-one keen car photographers and bloggers, a dream came true: Mercedes-Benz invited them to an exclusive event at Europa-Park as part of the current “Into Extremes” exhibition. The participants of this so-called shootout were given the opportunity of experiencing – and photographing – numerous stylish AMG cars in front of a breathtaking backdrop in a very special light. There was one small piece of bad news that evening: it was pouring with rain. But what at first seemed unfortunate turned out to be a stroke of luck. Lights were reflected, the backdrop was mirrored on the wet road and there was a magical atmosphere in the air. And so pictures were shot which presented the cars grandly in a very special light and mood.

Perfectly dramatised – the G 63 AMG sparkles in all its glory in the night-time illumination of the theme park.

Photo: Thilo Brunner

The roller coaster reaches a top speed of 130 km/h and attains gravitational forces of up to 4 g (photo: Europa Park).

The appeal of speed.

The 'Into Extremes' exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Hall takes up the appeal of speed. Cars from the performance brand AMG are there to be looked at closely; stunning large-scale wall projections and a thrilling supporting programme make the visit a truly memorable experience. The visual experiences are then brought even closer by a ride on the 'Silver Star'.

The steel roller coaster, supported by Mercedes-Benz, reaches a maximum speed of 130 km/h and attains gravitational forces of up to 4 g and gives courageous passengers a special feeling of weightlessness during their fall from a height of 73 metres.

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