The Mercedes-Benz designers have styled the interior on a level which one rarely finds even in higher vehicle categories.

Increase in perceived value comes from inside.

The cockpit and passenger compartment come across as clear, sensual and with a host of new unusual styling details.

Courage to embrace the new.

A reinterpretation of contemporary luxury: this applies to the painstaking choice of select, high-class materials and their pleasant touch and feel as well as the precision of the finely crafted details. But it also applies to a new design idiom which combines elegance and harmony congenially with sensuality and dynamic sportiness, thus adding to the interior’s extraordinarily high perceived value. The designers pick up key traits of the exterior inside the vehicle in order to achieve this overall aim. This applies above all to the scintillating play of contrasts between the clearly sculpted lines and surfaces which grow organically out of these contrasts. The hallmark contemporary Mercedes-Benz design idiom of the dropping line sloping to the rear is, for instance, picked up in the doors.

The entirely new centre console is a reinterpretation of contemporary luxury.

The most striking new styling feature is an entirely reinterpreted centre console: on vehicles with automatic transmissions, its large, one-piece dashboard console sweeps elegantly from the centre air outlets to the equally new touchpad in the handrest over the controller on the central tunnel.

The centrally positioned free-standing central display is the main eye-catching feature across the centre console.

High quality all-round.

A centrally positioned free-standing central display is the main eye-catching feature across the centre console – with a screen diagonal of 17.78 centimetres (7 inches) or 21.33 centimetres (8.4 inches) if COMAND Online is specified. The larger version is made of bonded glass and galvanised with a frame in silver shadow. Five air outlets with a central adjusting knob and horizontal louvre insert give the dashboard a sporty touch. Three-dimensional, fine, contemporary trim elements emphasise the high perceived value – as does the hand-finished, intricate stitching, such as on the upper section of the dashboard, in the centre panel and on the beltlines. The discerning aspirations are also continued systematically in the controls. Black high-sheen, genuine metal and galvanised surfaces, as well as effect paintwork matching the interior appointments colours form a key element of the high-quality feel.

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