The Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Cabriolet on the road.

Mercedes-Benz starts production of the C-Class Cabriolet.

New dream car made in Bremen.

C-Class Cabriolet: produced in Bremen.

The first C-Class Cabriolet has rolled off the production line at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. This is the first Cabriolet in the history of the C-Class and the fourth model of this product family which is being built at the Bremen plant, including the AMG versions. The C-Class Cabriolet will be available for customers from summer 2016, rounding off the range of open-top four-seaters with a classic fabric top.

The C-Class Cabriolet A 205 is produced as the fourth model variant of the series 205 in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen.

The launch of the C-Class Cabriolet increases the Bremen plant's portfolio to nine vehicles. The addition of the GLC Coupé this summer will take the total to ten.

Rear view of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet C 400 4MATIC (A 205) equipped with AMG Line in brilliantblue metallic and closed fabric top.

The launch of the C-Class Cabriolet increases the Bremen plant's portfolio to nine vehicles, which requires a particularly high level of flexibility in production. The new model will thus be produced on the same assembly line as three other models – the C-Class Coupé, the E-Class Coupé and the E-Class Cabriolet.

Just like the Coupé, the C-Class Cabriolet features an intelligent lightweight construction with a high proportion of aluminium. Lightweight components include the wings, bonnet and boot lid, lowering the weight of the vehicle and its CO2 emissions.

C 400 4MATIC Cabriolet:

Fuel consumption combined: 8.3-8.0 l/100 km;
combined CO₂ emissions: 189-181 g/km.*

Production requirements.

The increasing trend towards customised vehicle manufacturing is demonstrated in the assembly of the C-Class Cabriolet by the fully automatic fabric soft top. Apart from the basic variant in black, it is also available with a multi-layer acoustic soft top in dark brown, dark blue, dark red or black. The assembly of the roof is not a fully automated process but executed manually, with the aid of a handling device. The same applies to the assembly of the cockpit. Numerous other equipment variants as well as safety and assistance systems mean that every vehicle running off the production line in Bremen is unique.

On the road with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet A 205 equipped with AMG Line in brilliantblue metallic and opened fabric top.

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