Driving in a C-Class Coupé through the mystical landscape of the Douro valley in Portugal.

The Next Chapter: Beyond the road with the C-Class Coupé.

The beautiful aspect about adventures: they are unconditional. A road trip with the new C-Class Coupé through Spain and Portugal.

Stories from the sea of lights.

Your gaze wanders over the city; it is a warm, windy night. Below lies the sea of lights that is Málaga. Behind every illuminated window hides an unknown story. Somewhere down there, between those walls, under those roofs and among those people they are being told right now.

The night view of the sea of lights of Málaga.

Some stories are tragic; some are happy – but all of them are fascinating and unknown to most people. You just have to get down there and listen to them.

Driving in a Coupé, the journey is the reward. What counts is the experience of travel. The long tarmac becomes a vein into the heart of the next city.

Taking off into the adventure.

Many stories are formed while away on travel. It is for good reason that the old verse by Matthias Claudius: “whoever goes traveling / has stories to tell” became a famous saying. There is a special charm to just driving off and being surprised by the road. That’s the beautiful aspect about adventures: they are unconditional. You have an idea – a dream maybe – but often the experience in the end exceeds all your expectations.

The morning sun shines onto the red paint of the C-Class Coupé, somewhere between the rock formations in the Spanish National Park Torcal de Antequera.

Only thoughts and feelings.

You do not need much to cut loose. Just your thoughts, a little money – everything else will fall into place and anything more would be unnecessary. The travelling world is different from the everyday world; the rules at home seldom hold true on the road. And as man is a creature of habit he is afraid of the unknown – it causes unease at first, even if we are curious.

The first crucial step out the door is often difficult. Footsteps crunch over the sidewalk; a car door slams. Then the tires roll over the driveway, creating a gentle sound; the long tarmac becomes a vein into the heart of the next city.

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Roads connect.

The streetlights of Valencia are reflected in the car’s paint and are running as yellow stripes over the red roof. The journey continues through the streets of the city, on to Madrid. It is here that the “Zeitgeist” of European urban culture is distilled over a hot fire. Those who enter the fray of the major and minor streets and alleys, those who cheer in the stadium or who celebrate in one of the countless clubs until the early dawn will tell these stories for years.

Celebrating a goal at the stadium amid the frenetic football fans of Madrid.

Modern mobility becomes a bridge between two worlds. The car connects everyday life with the magical world of travelling.

The view of Douro valley at night. There, those who watch the stars get a vague idea of their own unimportance.

A drop in the ocean.

The journey continues towards Portugal and the road leads up into the mountains. There, those who watch the stars get a vague idea of their own unimportance. To the universe, every human being is just a drop in the vast ocean. On the other hand, even the largest ocean consists of only a great number of drops – maybe this is why we like driving to the ocean so much.

A crackling sound in the heart.

Somewhere in Porto along the side of the road the car comes to a halt. You feel the heat of the crackling engine under the hood. Where you had a sense of fear at the beginning of the journey, now another feeling shines through: the reluctance to get to your destination.

View of the city of Porto and the arch bridge Ponte Dom Luís I in the foreground.

Arriving is almost sad because the adventure will end with it. And then only the story remains, like a crackling sound in the heart.

The C-Class Coupé in Douro Valley – the morning dew creates a special mystical atmosphere.

Into the next chapter.

The German term for journey, Reise, has its roots in the Early Middle Ages. People back then said reisa and it meant taking off – not referring to the arrival, however. This meaning came into being much later. The English derived something else from this root: the verb rise, because this is where your travels can lead you.

And indeed, this demonstrates the basic idea of traveling much better: it is the road taken that counts. This is where we experience adventure and where we grow beyond ourselves. However, we must first of all set off into the next chapter.

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