The new-generation CLS is all set to explore the streets of Paris.

An exhilarating experience: through Paris in the new-generation CLS.

A trip through the French capital in the CLS Coupé and the CLS Shooting Brake.
Photos: Teymur Madjderey
Fuel consumption combined: 10.4-4.9 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 248-127 g/km.*

Hitting the peak at the Eiffel Tower.

Non-stop to the top – with a special ticket for the Eiffel Tower which enables holders to jump the queue and avoid hours of waiting time. Good use can be made of the time saved on the first floor, where the “58 Tour Eiffel” café-restaurant welcomes its guests with an exquisite 3-course menu and a magnificent view. The lift ticket is included in reservations.

A safe and lively trip to the Eiffel Tower: the CLS Shooting Brake.

Also included in the price is the innovative 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission in selected models of the new-generation CLS, whose smooth gear-shifting takes the driving experience to a whole new level, shaped by reduced transition times and more fluid control – for an effortless drive to the Eiffel Tower.

With the Apps from Mercedes-Benz, finding a parking space is no longer a problem.

A parking space in Paris.

Finding a parking space in Paris is no easy matter. But help is at hand: With the aid of Mercedes-Benz Apps, drivers can use the Parking Finder to search out a parking space in advance. Mercedes-Benz Apps are available via the optional COMAND ONLINE system. This function and other Apps can be called up via smartphone using the optional Remote Online facility and displayed on the 20.3-centimeter free-standing colour display on board the new-generation CLS. This combination also enables drivers to establish their vehicle’s location from the comfort of their hotel and to lock the doors. So with the new-generation CLS, visitors to Paris are not only mobile, but fully connected, too. And problems finding a parking space and relocating your car are a thing of the past.

The Palais du Luxembourg. There are certain parallels between this masterpiece of baroque architecture and the CLS Coupé.

Timeless ornamentation with design quality.

Baroque attached great importance to aesthetic design and a richness of detail. The remnants of these ornate epochs are sumptuous palaces and castles such as the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, whose majestic architecture featuring concave and convex forms enthrals visitors to this day. The CLS Coupé reveals a parallel to such highly aesthetic design in its sleek lines exuding timeless elegance.

The so-called “dropping line” running along the sides of the vehicle creates a dynamic curvature which lends the overall appearance of the CLS Coupé a sporty aspect and is instrumental in shaping the vehicle’s character.

Forms that make their mark.

The church declared Les Invalides in Paris a sepulchral monument in 1840. The man who has been laid to rest in the two-shelled domed structure is Napoleon Bonaparte I. Les Invalides with its authoritarian and imposing baroque/classical architecture was chosen as his final resting place in response to his wish to be buried at the Seine. The harmonious basic forms adorned with ornamental vases and trophies follow a strict design pattern. Equally clearly defined lines lend the CLS Shooting Brake its sublime grace.

Dating from 1706, Les Invalides houses the burial place of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The combination of striking details, such as the diamond grille on the prominent front bumper and the extravagantly curved LED headlamps, embodies a similar design principle: clear forms refined with subtle accoutrements. In addition, the long, prominent front section gives the CLS Shooting Brake a grand mien.

With the new MULTIBEAM LED light system, the new-generation CLS is all set for a trip to Paris-Roubaix.

A trip around Paris-Roubaix.

Barely an hour’s drive from Paris is the former French capital of the wool and textile industry: Paris-Roubaix. The vestiges of the town’s industrial past conjure up an impressive atmosphere, the warehouses and production shops having since been converted into dance studios, modern lofts, artists’ studios and restaurants. The new-generation CLS features the new MULTIBEAM LED light system, ensuring the necessary safety for night-time reconnoitres. A sophisticated control system enables the headlamps to adapt individually to any traffic situation, thereby enhancing visibility and safety. An extended fog light function provides for excellent visibility, even in hazy conditions.

Intelligent mobility on the banks of the Seine.

The bouquinistes have been offering their wares on the Seine embankments since 1789. From March to October each year, they sell antique books, cult comics, maps and posters depicting luminaries of bygone ages at over 900 stands. In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, driver’s in Paris are required to demonstrate both sang-froid and the necessary dexterity behind the wheel. The “sensor fusion” of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive provides intelligent driving assistance systems to help the driver cope with city traffic. This enables complex situations and dangers in everyday motoring to be identified in good time, thereby enhancing safety and driving efficiency – a crucial advantage in dense Parisian traffic.

The CLS Shooting Brake and the CLS Coupé on the banks of the Seine.

Love of Paris.

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