Driving through London in the new Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupé.

Experience London with the new generation CLS.

The new CLS Coupé and CLS Shooting Brake in the UK’s capital.
Photos: Philipp Rupprecht
Fuel consumption combined: 10.4-4.9 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 243-127 g/km.*

Diversity is the new elegance.

It is London’s sheer diversity that makes it so unique. Bankers rub shoulders with punks, Victorian architecture with modern art, luxury goods with second-hand culture: There is no doubt that London has a wide spectrum of opposites to offer. British roots blend with Caribbean influences and Indian impressions – global diversity is the order of the day.

The CLS Coupé is naturally in its element amid such diversity, fitting in almost organically in the colourful surroundings. Its design is one of timeless, majestic beauty.

The CLS Coupé is a fascinating marriage of elegance and sportiness.

Urban automobility.

Rents in the Canary Wharf district are among the highest in the UK’s capital, owing to its growing popularity. This can be attributed to the unique mixture of innovative architecture along the Thames and British joie de vivre. The clear skyline stands out against the London sky. Much in the same way as the CLS Shooting Brake stands out against its surroundings. Although its timeless design idiom may call to mind historical sports cars, it is ultimately much more than that. For instance, the leadership quality conveyed by the vehicle’s pronounced shoulder muscles. The “dropping line” in its side design combines with the majestically curved roof line to enhance the elegant impression.

The bright red CLS Shooting Brake adds a welcome touch of colour to London’s inner city.
The CLS Coupé's driving assistance systems will take you safely to London's well-known sights – and to its best-kept secrets.

Assistance systems for exploring the city.

The new generation CLS offers high driving stability and safety. Thanks to DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot, the vehicle always stays in the middle of the lane, which brings about a noticeable increase in driving safety on London’s streets. This is particularly useful in Britain’s capital where the traffic is often very congested: Following the vehicle in front becomes child’s play.

Or if there are hidden highlights on the sightseeing agenda. Such as Dennis Severs’ House in Folgate Street: a house like in the Middle Ages. On entering the house, visitors are given a taste of old London.

The MULTIBEAM LED lighting system throws a whole new light on dark road surfaces.

Luminous figures in the London night.

The nightlife in London’s East End has a magical attraction for visitors. Its motto: see and be seen. So it’s a good thing that the CLS Coupé comes with the new MULTIBEAM LED light system. With 24 individually controllable LEDs per headlight, the headlights can be adjusted quickly and precisely.

This is often a godsend, especially in the narrow, poorly lit streets that are often home to highly exclusive clubs. It ensures that virtually everything is in sight.

Perfect network in the United Kingdom.

What would Canary Wharf be without the Jubilee Line? Measuring almost 40 kilometres, the underground line connects around 27 stations – without it, the district would be out of reach for virtually all pedestrians. Motorists also need to have an excellent knowledge of the infrastructure to find their way around. Mercedes me connect has a broad service offering so that you can find your way in London with the new generation of CLS. The vehicle is equipped with the integrated KOM module as standard, which connects the car with the internet.

Mercedes connect me is a service-oriented networking system with numerous personalisation functions.

With the optional Remote Online Service it is possible to connect the vehicle with the smartphone to make use of additional functions. Questions like: “Are the doors locked?” or “Where is the car parked?” will never be an issue again. In addition, the optional COMAND Online multimedia system provides the Live Traffic Information function which pinpoints traffic jams in advance so that you can avoid them.

Efficient motoring through London with the new CLS Shooting Brake.

Efficiently along the Thames.

London combines the traditional with the modern: On the one hand, there is Big Ben, the Royal Family and the red telephone boxes and on the other, London stands quite naturally for skylines, smart grids and energy-efficient heating systems. All of which results in a sustainable combination of high-tech and experience. Equally efficient are the shift processes of the 9G-TRONIC transmission installed in selected models of the new CLS generation. If dynamic driving is on the cards, the innovative automatic transmission can jump gears in order to reach the optimum engine speed immediately, thus providing awe-inspiringly smooth and swift shifting. The ECO start/stop function and the optimised efficiency of the transmission together ensure low-emission driving through the centre of London.

Effizient an der Themse.

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