Mercedes-Benz accompanies four friends from the heart of Manhattan to the waves of Montauk.

Spotlight on: the E-Class Estate in New York.

Mercedes-Benz accompanies four friends – a group of international surfers and true New Yorkers – from the heart of Manhattan to the waves of Montauk.

Fuel consumption combined: 10,5-4,1 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 246-107 g/km.*

Permanently on the move with the camera vehicle.

The dynamic design, the elegant, sporty shape and the flowing lines of the E-Class Estate go perfectly with the surfboards mounted on top and with the lifestyle of a sportsman like Mikey DeTemple and his friends. Prior to filming, a film team visits Montauk in the E-Class and tests the mounting for the surfboards. With the Estate well-equipped for sporting activities, Mercedes-Benz catches a ride on the road trip of the four surfers Mikey DeTemple, Lisa Myers, Tripoli Patterson and Lisa Ferrandino. Accompanied by the song “Garden Grays” from Wildcat! Wildcat! the film really pulls you in.

The pro surfers and the E-Class are accompanied through the streets of New York by the camera vehicle.

In an interview, Jonathan Lia, producer, director and co-founder of the GOOD COMPANY production company, gave some fascinating insights into what goes on behind the scenes.

Drones formed part of the professional equipment used for filming.

Awesome images.

What kind of technology did you use for the film?

We used various cameras, including the Arri Alexa, custom helicopter drones, GoPro cameras. We also used a custom handheld, self-stabilizing system built by Marcus Gelhard from Germany. Marcus also built and operated the drones. For the surf stuff, we used a combination of drone, splash bags and underwater housings, really long lenses – 600 mm and GoPro cameras mounted on the vehicles. For the vehicle shots, we used a camera car, from which we filmed with mounted Alexa cameras as well as the handheld stabilized rig.

A peek over their shoulders and behind the scenes.

Was it easy to work together with the actors?

The actors were amazing. Mikey and Trip are both pro surfers and both of the girls knew how to surf. Mikey and Lisa Myers are a real life couple and the whole cast knew each other socially, so it made for a very real and relaxed shoot.

How was it to work with the E-Class at the film set?

We spent a considerable amount of time with the E-Class prior to the shoot, even taking it for a scout out in Montauk to see what it would look like in the various settings .

When you're on set, the actors and the film team have got to work well together.

Mercedes-Benz provided us with a roof rack to mount the surfboards. The shape and lines of the E-Class couldn’t have flowed better with the long and medium sized boards on top.

The E-Class Estate is a first-class companion for active, sporty types.

Flawless technology - on the inside and out.

With Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive and eleven new or enhanced assistance systems on board, the E-Class provides comfort and safety - and proves itself to be a first-class companion for the film shoot. In the same way as a professional surfer needs to identify a good wave early on, the state-of-the-art sensors in the E-Class can recognise oncoming vehicles, vehicles out in front or those crossing ahead - and pedestrians, too, as well as different types of traffic signs and road markings.

In addition, powerful BlueDIRECT engines with sophisticated direct injection technology deliver outstanding efficiency and eco figures. And the E-Class is just perfect for people with a sporty, active lifestyle, not least because of the generously-sized space available for transportation in the Estate.

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