24 hours. A road trip in the G 63 AMG.

The photographers, Sean Klingelhöfer and Nate Hassler, test the G 63 AMG.
Photos: Nate Hassler/Sean Klingelhoefer

Fuel consumption combined: 13.8 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 322 g/km.*

An unexpected event.

'Hey Nate, I've got two G 63 AMG for you and Sean, which I could lend you for 24 hours. You only have to promise to bring them back in one day.' The two American photographers and automotive bloggers, Nate Hassler and Sean Klingelhöfer, are actually at the Nürburgring to shoot photos of the major 24 hour race.

The opportunity to spend an entire day on the road with the imposing Mercedes-Benz off-roader is completely unexpected. A long-standing dream suddenly comes true – and another 24-hour race begins.

Nate Hassler and Sean Klingelhoefer get the unique chance to drive two brand new G 63 AMG for 24 hours - and photograph them as well.

The race against time begins.

The two have barely gotten into their G 63 AMG in Stuttgart when the race against time begins. They take a winding route to the south to catch the last sun rays of the day in Zurich. A short distance outside of Chur, the arriving evening forces the two passionate photographers to make a decision. To shoot some of the thousand ideas they have for the day, Sean and Nate quickly decide to take their two vehicles to the nearby Lake Walensee. After hours in the car, the location with its incredibly impressive atmosphere deep in the Swiss landscape is exactly what the two Americans have imagined for the first stretch of the journey. When the two discover a shipping pier from which they can see both the lake and the mountains, the decision is obvious.

Today the G 63 looks especially striking against the backdrop of Lake Walensee in Switzerland.

The vehicles are quickly brought into position and as they start to take the first photos a light rain begins to fall. The musical backdrop of a long day.

Finally a place to stay - for the photographer team and the two G 63 AMG.

Pit stop.

Keeping one eye on the clock, they decide to spend the night nearby to continue shooting the G 63 against the breath-taking mountain landscape again the next morning. However, it will be difficult to find a hotel which offers both vacant rooms and accommodation for the two massive off-road vehicles. Despite the intermittent rain in Switzerland they continue their journey toward Liechtenstein. In Vaduz they finally find what they are looking for. Although Liechtenstein’s capital is anything but famous for its low prices, Sean and Nate are happy when they can finally have a few drinks at the hotel bar and review the eventful day.

A winding route through the alps.

The journey continues again the next morning after a little sleep and a quick breakfast. The two photographers are driven by their sense of adventure along with the certain knowledge that they will have to return the two G 63 AMG to Stuttgart in only a few hours. Nevertheless, Sean and Nate are not leaving without a few final shots of the vehicles which bizarrely stand out against Vaduz’s idyllically picturesque scenery. Road works prevent them from reaching the next stop on their tight schedule, the small ski resort of Malbun. Another change of plan and they set course for Bludenz. The drive through the Austrian mountain landscape quickly rewards the two photographers.

The white G 63 AMG is in every way equal to the snow-covered peaks and clouds.

A short distance past Bürs they are on the L82, a small, two-lane road which winds through the forests to the mountains and offers an incredible view of the landscape in every direction. This leg of the journey provides the backdrop for amazing shots taken between rustic huts and tall peaks rising into the sky.

Massive mountain ranges and two G 63 AMG - a symbiosis of strength and peace.

The finale.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. One last look at the clock confirms that it is definitely time to leave this magical location.

After arriving back in Stuttgart right on time, the two photographers are certain that this unique journey with the two G 63 AMGs was one thing above all else: Exceptional. Exceptionally short, fast and intensive. A journey that they will definitely never forget.

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