designo manufaktur offers a wealth of all-new and individual options for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Made-to-measure: designo manufaktur for the G-Class.

Exclusively for the G-Class, designo manufaktur offers a wealth of all-new and individual options.

The art of uniqueness.

The G-Class is not just any cross-country vehicle. The G-Class is the unique cross-country vehicle. Not only is it an exceptionally assured off-roader, it also passes with flying colours when it comes to another type of difficult terrain: design. Its form and its aura are unique.

Now you can make your G-Class even more unique with a wealth of all-new designo manufaktur options exclusively for the G-Class. With stunningly beautiful colours and materials, you can make the G-Class your G-Class.

With designo manufaktur, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class becomes even more unique.

The art of haute couture.

The G-Class is all about contrasts rather than contradictions. It is an accomplished blend of cross-country vehicle and luxury saloon. There’s no entry-level here: style and comfort abound in every model. Plus you can now make your G-Class as individual as your home. With a wealth of variants in which everything matches perfectly.

Surrounded by abundant style and comfort: view of the interior of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Look forward to your bespoke G-Class finished to the very highest level. The one thing you will still have in common with other G-Class drivers is impeccable taste.

The art of manufactured perfection.

Beauty created by hand. The “Manufaktur” hand-finishing section that turns a G-Class into your G-Class is located in Graz. Be it exterior or interior, topstitching or model badge: almost every detail is lovingly crafted by hand. Here masterpieces that meet the definition of exclusivity are created with devotion, passion and artisanal perfection – each one a unique specimen underpinned by outstanding Mercedes-Benz quality. Take your pick. The possibilities are almost endless.

In a ‘Manufaktur’ in Graz, masterpieces are created for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in manufactured perfection.
With designo manufaktur, the interior of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class can be individually designed to the smallest detail.

The art of inner beauty.

From city square to chalet in the mountains – the G-Class knows no limits. The variety of designo manufaktur appointments is likewise almost limitless. You can choose from an extended range of finest leather. And select your favourite colour – the choice ranges from designo leather saddle brown through silk beige to deep-sea blue. Complete with topstitching in a perfectly matched colour shade. One particular highlight is the two-tone designo interior – e.g. for the seat covers, the dashboard and the steering wheel. For an exceptionally harmonious and stylish interior, which you can individualise right down to the last detail.

Outstanding harmony – the DINAMICA Interior package.

designo manufaktur also offers you perfectly coordinated compositions, one example being the DINAMICA Interior package with seats and door centre panels in black. The seats, head restraints, dashboard, door handles, armrest and handbrake feature white topstitching.

With designo manufaktur, the interior of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class can be individualised right down to the last detail.

Together with the AMG performance steering wheel in DINAMICA/black nappa leather and the DINAMICA roof liner, the result is an extremely harmonious combination.

The art of stylish expression.

It has always been possible to drive the G-Class on desert sand. Now this colour is available as a resplendent paint finish. But perhaps you prefer designo mystic white bright to desert sand. Or designo mauritius blue metallic? These are just three of the many exclusive designo paint finishes.

All of them – whether metallic or matt – are of the highest quality and applied by hand in Graz. So that, even after numerous trips in rough terrain, the colours lose none of their beauty and vitality.

With the Night package the G-Class becomes the king of the night.

Powerful and harmonious – the Night package.

In the Night package, the roof, exterior mirrors, bumpers and flared wheel arches are finished in finest obsidian black. Even the wheels are painted in high-gloss black. Dark-tinted heat-insulating glass is also part of the package. The exterior mouldings come with black inlays. The G-Class – king of the night.

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